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Speak to future of coastal community

COAST CITIES — The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is seeking input to update its Public Participation Plan as it gears up in the coming months to tackle regional issues related to transportation, growth, housing, public health, energy, sustainability, habitat conservation, interregional planning, and other topics.In order to better serve the public, SANDAG is inviting San Diego County residents to take an online survey anytime between now and Sept. 28. Survey questions focus on how participants would prefer to receive information and provide input. The survey is available in both English and Spanish. In addition to taking the survey, residents are welcome to e-mail comments to Paula Zamudio at [email protected].

Survey results will be used to develop public outreach programs for large-scale SANDAG projects, including an upcoming initiative to update the region’s comprehensive plans. They also will help evaluate the effectiveness of the methods currently in place for communicating with the public, as well as measure how to best engage community members moving forward.

The SANDAG Public Participation Plan establishes a process for communicating with and obtaining input from the public concerning agency programs, projects, and program funding. The strategies and tactics outlined in the plan guide the agency’s public outreach and involvement efforts for highway projects; transit fare changes and construction; smart growth, environmental, and planning efforts; growth forecasts; the Regional Transportation Plan; Regional Transportation Improvement Program; tribal consultation; and other initiatives.

SANDAG works to provide opportunities for meaningful public participation. More information is available at