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Instruments used in sound healing. Courtesy photo
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Soul on Fire: Sound healing is the new yoga

What is Sound Healing? One could say that it is an ancient meditative practice that creates healing vibrations and heavenly sounds that cause an outburst of the soul and expression of emotion in the human body. It sets your soul on fire.

Sound and music have been a part of man’s existence since antiquity. Flutes made out of bird bones have recently been discovered that date back 40,000 years, conjuring up pictures of gatherings around a fire with drums and objects created to make a sound. Humming, chanting, singing — all music — is thought to be a universal language that we can all understand.

Music unites us and plays an essential role in bringing people together. It can help with focus, imagination, and relaxation.

Crystal bowl sound healing is music all its own and has evolved into a meditative practice that uses vibrations to relax your mind. It can induce healing in our body’s energy fields or chakras (energetic focal points) where energy is moved and shifted, causing profound shifts in consciousness.

This is fine-tuned as the bowls hit specific notes by casting a quartz crystal in various sizes and infusing or alchemizing it with precious and semi-precious healing stones and metals. Delicately and meticulously calibrated to decibels at a specific frequency or electromagnetic wavelengths resonate with the body while striking the bowl with a mallet, causing it to sing, creating a sacred sound.

Crystal singing bowls, when played at various octaves in concert or individually, have been scientifically proven to provide results in brain waves by causing them to drop down, which stimulate and release the “feel-good” hormones in the body like oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin. Neurotransmission launches, bringing one into an almost instant state of peace and harmony.

Besides the physical benefits, spirituality, and awareness of the higher self is heightened. The vibrations cause a spiritual experience, and emotional healing can occur.

Encinitas is home to the largest, and maybe the only Sound Healing Studio or Temple as it is lovingly referred to by Amanda Domnitz, Director of The Soul of Yoga Sound Institute and the midwife to much of the area’s sound movement. She was instrumental in bringing the Sacred Sound of the Soul to its current location on Encinitas Boulevard and has created a curriculum around training and teaching with education classes and online course work that provides certification.

Coming to her as a vision to bring this kind of therapy to the mainstream and accessible to everyone, Amanda and a core group of local world leaders in sound healing have manifested this vision into reality.

Expanding the inventory from 20 bowls to 150 bowls that range in price from a couple of hundred dollars into the tens of thousands, provides an impressive array of classes and workshops. The temple is something to behold. Private sessions are limited but still available with the shutdown. Check out their website for more information.

Quick to transfer to online classes and workshops, much effort has been given to bringing the experience to an enhanced level online where the sound has been perfected to possibly even better quality than in person with headphones.

Amanda’s free virtual sound healing event is coming up, Preparing for Grace, which will be live streaming at, and free weekly classes are being offered on the center’s Facebook page.

“It’s not about forcing. It’s about holding space for people to align and be empowered at their own pace,” says Domnitz. “Slowly allowing people to have their own awakenings to feel better now and expand consciousness.” 

With a background as an ER nurse, you can imagine wanting things to work, be practical, fast, easy. According to Soul of Yoga OG Flossie Parks, and attested by Domnitz, Sound Healing is the new yoga. Twenty minutes of sound healing can be equivalent to a 90-minute yoga class. Sounds good to me.

What’s next for Amanda and the Sacred Sound of the Soul?

“The Super Bowl!  I’d love to see the world’s largest drum circle and halftime sound show to share the incredible global healing possible with the planet.

“For now, you can just come try it. It works!”