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Soul on Fire: A reminder of the power of prayer

Welcome back, soul seekers. I thought I would write about prayer in this column, having just graduated from Spiritual Prayer Practitioner training at Seaside’s Spiritual Leadership campus. I started to wonder … what exactly is prayer? Why would someone go to a practitioner with a prayer request or want to learn more about prayer?

In this column, we’ve talked about places that invoke feelings of enlightenment throughout the county and surrounding areas. We have deduced that all of this inspiration dwells within. We’ve discussed meditation and going into the stillness to find it. It being enlightenment. Peace, serenity, knowingness. Spirit. God. Consciousness. So now that we found it, what do we do with it? 

We pray.

Prayer could be traced back to Adam and Eve as simply as the communication between man and God. Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you listen. W. Clement Stone said, “Prayer is man’s greatest power.” The Bible says, “Pray without ceasing.”

Are you praying?

Prayer is deliberate communication. Not the 911 version. The “Lord, get me out of this one, and I promise I’ll never do it again!” kind of prayer. More of the 411 type. Checking in. Getting information and guidance.

Acknowledging the power of Spirit and the Universal Mind that is all around us at all times. Coming into conscious contact with the Higher Power that runs the universe and realizing that you are one with that power, that Divinity, that spark we all have deep down. That’s the good stuff—the stuff of miracles.

That spark, or God essence, can only express here on earth through you. As you. It’s a job when that is what you dedicated your life to a life of prayer and reverence by walking with Spirit.

That’s all a mystic is. Someone who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender on the daily to obtain unity with the absolute. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s always there. One just needs to be conscious of it. It can be said that God IS consciousness.

“A Course in Miracles” and Marianne Williamson’s “A Return to Love,” talk about a simple prayer to start each day. “What will you have me do? Where will you have me go? What will you have me say — and to whom? Thy will not mine be done.” Anne Lamont wrote a book on prayer called, “Help. Thanks. Wow.”  It can be that simple.

What the whole world went through and is still going through has given many of us pause.

Abraham Lincoln said, “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.”  There were a lot of days like that these past couple of months.

I venture to say: God was busy receiving prayers since March. Google searches for “prayer” skyrocketed worldwide with each case of COVID-19. In crisis, we pray. That could be the most positive thing from this whole experience. Nothing like a global pandemic to get you on your knees.

But my question is, why wait for a crisis to accept your mortality and start to acknowledge a higher power? Because once the acknowledgment is accomplished, in comes gratitude.

It’s hard not to be in a constant state of appreciation when you are walking in your own divinity. We all have it. My job as a prayer practitioner is to get you back to that spiritual truth about yourself. Because let’s face it, life gets lifey.

We get caught up in our worlds and the people in it, and we get stuck, or get into a story, or get into resentment, and all those things can block out the sunlight of God’s Spirit in our life.

They interrupt our divine connection and jam our frequency. We forget our birthright, our divinity. Our monkey minds start spinning a story, and we get into a loop.

And we bring that story onto the freeway and into work and back home. It defines how we show up in the world. That is when you would seek out the professional prayer practitioner that only sees you as a perfect, whole, and complete child of God and sees the situation from a perspective of spiritual consciousness.

Affirmative prayer is a form of prayer or a metaphysical technique focused on a positive outcome rather than a negative situation. With this pandemic, we went through or are still going through, as the case may be, there was a lot of need for affirmative prayer.

Not pleading and begging — because we have come to the understanding that every situation is exactly as it should be, and we find God in all of it — we just need to wait for the results with faith.

Nothing happens in this life by accident. There is a lesson in all of it and an opportunity for growth in most of it.  If we change our perspective. Perspectives get changed with prayer.

Throughout history, and especially during COVID-19, there were global meditations and days of prayer.

When the world remembers its divinity all together at the same time, some powerful things can shift and start to happen. Not so much with the outside world, which we have very little control over. With ourselves.

Our own being. Our recollection with how close we are to the Divine is if we only slow down long enough to tap into what has always been there. Where our souls really are on fire and we stand in the truth of our enlightened being.


Lynda StarWriter August 29, 2020 at 6:54 pm

Prayer is my direct, toll-free, 24|7|365 talk with the Lord. Jesus issued a suggestion for those of us who may be at a loss for what to say (Matt. 6:9-13). I know the Lord welcomes those 911 prayers, as well. Who better to help us journey through toil or unrest? He has saved me from my own human choices, devices, misguided notions many, many times. I love speaking with God. He is our Father in heaven. He knows my name and my voice. I know his voice. Sinner that I am, I’ve defied him too many times to count, but he promises never to leave or forsake me – and you – each and every one of us. I can’t speak enough about his immeasurable love, forgiveness, mercy and his boundless grace, for which I thank Him, every minute of every day. And Jesus, well, he’s my rock and my salvation. Prayer – like a phone call – with the Lord God Almighty is a magnificent, personal, spiritual gift.

David LeMaster June 2, 2020 at 2:04 pm

A well written article on a topic often avoided. What could be more important in these turbulent times than shifting focus from the chaos without to the wisdom within. A wisdom gained from connection with that power greater than ourselves. The Coast News Group is fortunate to have such a writer of depth and wisdom on their staff.

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