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New gym in Cardiff uses technology and artificial intelligence to cut workout times by two-thirds. Courtesy photo
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Smart Fit Method’s 20-minute workouts have clients raving

ENCINITAS — Blake Vandenkolk was a college football athlete who, as he grew older, took on more responsibilities. In turn, this gave him less time to keep that college physique.

Now he’s got it back thanks to Smart Fit Method, a revolutionary new gym in Cardiff that, with the help of technology and artificial intelligence, cuts workout times by two-thirds providing the most effective stimulus possible – giving clients the biggest bang for their buck.

“I get the exact same outcome that I was getting when I was doing hours of sprints, conditioning and weightlifting,” Vandenkolk says. He compares the effectiveness of Smart Fit Method to the last rep in a set of bench presses, and how you are constantly feeling that “tearing” in your muscles when training. “I’m totally hooked at this point!”

In addition to great workouts, monitored by certified trainers, The Smart Fit Method provides monthly body scans and weekly nutritional advice tailored to each client’s needs. This gets the greatest results, while avoiding overtraining. 

David Metzler, 44, is married with one daughter and expecting another soon. With a young family, he doesn’t have nearly the amount of time to work out as he had in his younger years. “They make it easy to see my progress and improve on it week after week,” Metzler says. “A typical full-body scan would cost around $100 each time, and with Smart Fit Method I get a scan every month.” The scans are visible through a smart-phone app where clients can also schedule their 20 minute workouts.

Metzler says he gained weight due to COVID-19 and wasn’t in a good emotional place. He joined the Smart Fit Method’s six-week challenge and ended up winning – which got him into the discount program, saving him $600. Now, he both enjoys the benefits of good health as well as big savings.

Joanne Marks, a 60-year-old home maker, and her son, 33-year-old realtor Brendon, are both members of the Smart Fit Method. “I went in for a body scan and then another one after four weeks,” Joanne Marks says. “These scans measure your fat content as well as your muscle mass, providing instant feedback so you know your progress. The Smart Fit Method has taught me a lot. It gives you much higher quantitative feedback on your strength gains and cardiovascular improvements, as well as changes in body composition, than any other gym could provide.”

“I’ve lost five pounds of fat in six weeks and gained five pounds of lean muscle mass,” Brendon Marks adds.

Other Smart Fit Method clients agree that the method really works, and although the gym is new, there is no shortage of testimonials from members.

“I needed something where I wouldn’t get injured because I have had a lot of surgeries in my back, hips and feet. I found what I was looking for.”

“Their personal touch is amazing. They are so good at watching you and making sure you’re doing everything right. They have done their research.”

Rob Darnbrough, owner of the Smart Fit Method, “We want to help individuals discover their genetic potential and show them how to maximize it, so people can get leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier, while still enjoying their everyday lives.” 

Son, and co-owner, Connor Darnbrough adds, “We’re all working a little too much, and a little too hard. We are constantly measuring through leaderboards and magazine covers, comparing ourselves against people with crazy genetics, people far different than us when it would be more beneficial to compare ourselves to ourselves, and look for ways to improve. In terms of working out, Smart Fit Method helps you do just that.”

Currently, for a short period of time, The Smart Fit Method is offering those interested in the program, a FREE trial workout, including a body scan. (Total value of $150)

To schedule your free workout, call (442) 320-7042 or email [email protected].

The Smart Fit Method is located at 111 Chesterfield Dr #117 next to the 7-11 in Cardiff by-the-Sea. For more info visit