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Small Talk: One for the books

I regularly complain that I’m not lucky, in spite of my Gaelic heritage. I don’t win at gambling.­­­ I got two flat tires in 10 days. I drop the bread jelly side down.

But I cannot argue that when it comes to my careers, I was clearly dipped in end-of-the-rainbow gold. Being a journalist was amazing and I am having too much fun being a librarian. All my life, I’ve never been happier than when I have a book in my hand. Nothing fills my heart with joy like a mother telling me her child loved the book I suggested for them.

If I’d been the least bit career-oriented in high school or college, I surely would have considered getting a degree in library science. I do partly blame shortsighted counselors for never suggesting this as a possible path for me — the kid who ran screaming from Algebra II and chemistry class, but loved nothing more than books.

I was in the right place at the right time when the elementary school media center aide job popped up, and knew the minute it was suggested to me that I would absolutely love it.

All this introspection is prompted by the arrival last week of two boxes of gorgeous, shiny new books. I can’t wait to show the classes what’s new, knowing I’ll get an enthusiastic response. Some books I discover by research but several were suggestions by students, which is the best.

Student recommendations in my new delivery include the “Michael Vey” adventure series, about a high schooler with electric powers. I also bought “Ranger in Time,” about a time-traveling golden retriever who pops up to save the day.

I also found two hilarious books by Adam Lehrhaupt — “Do not open this book!” and “Please open this book!” One is written by someone who does not want the monkeys to escape from the book. The other is written by the monkeys.

As I said, I’m having too much fun.

Jean Gillette is a freelance writer cheering for the monkeys. Contact her at [email protected].

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