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Service horse needs helping hand

OCEANSIDE — Earlier this year, Pegasus, A 22-year old Quarter Horse at the Ivey Ranch, was diagnosed with glaucoma in his left eye.

The Ivey Ranch facility, at 110 Rancho Del Oro Drive, provides interaction of disabled and able-bodied children, primarily with equestrian educational and recreational activities.

Through regular visits with its veterinarian and medical management, the horse was treated with medications for relief and, hopefully, reversal. Unfortunately, after a visit to the equine opthalmologist, they found learned that the eye is shutting down and there is no hope for vision. In addition, now the same thing is happening in his right eye.

Here’s the good news.  Dr. Jamie Schorling, with the Eye Clinic for Animals, has agreed to perform laser surgery on the right eye to aid in controlling the glaucoma. Although there is no guarantee that this procedure will restore vision permanently, there is hope that it could.  This type of laser surgery is performed on humans and dogs regularly; this will be the first equine case here on the West coast of the United States.

The Ranch hopes to raise $4,000 for the surgery Pegasus requires.  Whereas some will argue that it is less expensive to buy a new horse, Ranch staff believes Pegasus has served the community faithfully and hopes that same community will now support the effort to save his eyesight.

On July 27, Pegasus celebrated his fifth year with his Ivey Ranch family. Pegasus has devotedly served children and adults with special needs — including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and those who are blind, deaf, or live with paralysis. Because Pegasus is a slightly bigger horse, he has also assisted with our Horses for Heroes program — a program that provides equine assisted therapy to veterans and active-duty military personnel.

“He has provided love, lessons, and comfort to more than 250 individuals — more than 400 lessons and therapy sessions,” the release said. “If those he has served can donate $10 to $20, he can continue his life and his calling.”

Donate through PayPal and at or drop a check in the mail with “Pegasus” in the memo section.