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Selling the Family Home: Navigating Value and Convenience

Whether the home in question is the home you grew up in, the home where you raised your own family, or the dream home you retired to, the decision to sell is bound to be riddled with deep emotions and important questions. Some points to ponder include:

  Should you simply sell “as is”? 

  What does this involve and what are the pros and cons of this choice?

  How do you assess the condition of your home, and make informed decisions about whether to update, renovate, or make repairs?

  What are some of the psychological effects of selling?

And the list doesn’t end there. Amid conflicting information and a dynamic real estate market, it can be incredibly challenging to determine the best course of action. What constitutes a fair offer? How is market value determined? 

On March 12, 2024, our ongoing Senior Living Education Series will address these questions and more. We’ll share pointers that can help you negotiate the complexities, including the psychological effects, of selling your home.

Empower yourself with insights into the selling process, from practical steps to financial considerations. Learn to navigate this journey to your own best advantage! 

Our Senior Living Education are FREE seminars for informational purposes only.

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