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“When we want something to have or not to have we call it a desire. Whenever we have a desire it creates a duality,” says Dr. Richard Scotti during a Feb. 15 lecture at the Rancho Santa Fe Library. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
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Scotti lectures on meditation

RANCHO SANTA FE — Dr. Richard Scotti led a talk on meditation at the Rancho Santa Fe Library sharing how when individuals take part in it they have the ability to achieve happiness and peace in their own lives. During the Feb. 15 lecture, Scotti shared how when someone enters a place of quiet, it is also serves as a passageway to a completely different universe.

According to Scotti, having knowledge and wisdom can be attained when passing through that element of quiet. And that way is through mediation.

Scotti also noted how the world is dualistic.

“When we want something to have or not to have we call it a desire,” he said. “Whenever we have a desire it creates a duality.”

Scotti explained that the whole purpose of meditation was to allow things to go by and not react to them. Energy dissipates when a person learns to become non-reactive to it.

“So what happens is when you sit for meditation for half an hour then your whole film strip of your chores for the day is taken out. The ends are put back together and you really are living a different way,” he said. “When you sit without reacting ‘to have or not to have,’ you’re nullifying the comic reaction; and, that nullification is like taking the filmstrip of your drama for the day and taking a chunk out of it and putting it back together so all of your relationships from then on are different.”

Scotti compared it to shifting one’s life from that amount of time describing it as pretty unbelievable. When one comes out of meditation their timeframe has shifted. For those with a complicated life, Scotti said how meditation will make their life more to their liking.

“When you’re calm, then your universe becomes calm because we’ve projected our emotions on our universe,” he said. “We see what we project.”