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Science teacher earns Crystal Apple Award

RANCHO SANTA FE — The April 4 Rancho Santa Fe School Board meeting was short and to the point on a number of subjects. 

Arguably the most captivating subject was the idea that the school’s new seating for the performing arts center is on a ship and headed this way.

“We got word that it was going through the Panama Canal,” said Lindy Delaney, superintendent. The seating was set to be installed during spring break.

Science teacher Dave Warner earned the Crystal Apple Award from the Church of Latter-day Saints, which is given annually to an inspirational teacher.

Another of the subjects of business was the elevators at the school that are now a year old and in need of servicing, which was set to cost $800 a month.

“It’s painful,” Delaney said.

So staff went looking for a more reasonable price. They found a company called 24-Hour Elevator that will keep the elevators working for no more than $300 a month.

“We have two main elevators and two lifts in the PAC,” Delaney said.

The oversight committee that was active during the construction and renovation of the school was disbanded.

“That’s a milestone right there,” said Jim Depolo, president of the board.

George Shortley, head of the committee got a special thank you from the board.

“I was incredibly impressed with the work George did on this,” Delaney said. “He saw every bill and read every invoice.”

Pink slips were given to 10 temporary teachers. This early notification is required by the state. It is possible, after the state presents its own budget, the teachers will get their jobs back.

There was also a public hearing at the meeting, involving the new contract for the Rancho Santa Fe Faculty Association for the next three years.

In the proposed contract, there are no changes, but law requires the subject to be put before the public. It is the district’s initial proposal, which puts it up for negotiation.

“We just need to move the process along,” said Richard Currier, the district’s attorney and labor negotiator.

In other district news, soon the technology at the school will get a onceover to determine where it can be improved.

“It’s like looking under the hood of a car,” Delaney said. “You have to look at everything.”

Trustee Marti Ritto said the school’s website needs a facelift.

“A website is a living, breathing thing, not a signpost you plant and leave,” Ritto said.

Trustee Tyler Seltzer suggested the board determine a way to keep the focus on R. Roger Rowe and what he means to the school. Rowe died in February. He was at the school district for more than 40 years, the last years as its superintendent. The school was named after him when he retired.

“They need to know who he was and what he did when they drive by the building,” Seltzer said.

The Rancho Santa Fe School Board meets the first Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center.