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School leases Dacus property from Association

RANCHO SANTA FE — The school board voted March 19 to accept a lease agreement with the Association for the Dacus property. The 1.28 acres of land, which is adjacent to the school, is needed to accommodate construction housing as the R. Roger Rowe School prepares for the renovation. By using the adjacent property, the construction team will not have to disrupt school activities during the remainder of the school term.
The Association board met March 19 during a closed session to discuss the lease agreement. Prior to the closed session, a homeowner on Mimosa Street asked the board to consider deed restrictions on the Dacus property being mindful that Mimosa is primarily a residential street and homeowners on the street expect the area to remain quiet when school is not is session.
Later that afternoon, the school board met during a closed session to discuss the lease agreement. In a vote of 3-0, it accepted the terms of the lease. Absent from the vote were school board President Carlie Headapohl and board member Jim Cimino.