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RSFSD enrollment forecast shows a dip

RANCHO SANTA FE — The student enrollment numbers for the upcoming school year for R. Roger Rowe may be taking a slight dip compared to last year. Serving as superintendent for her last board meeting on July 14, Lindy Delaney mentioned that the current numbers hovered at 650 to 670.

Last year, those student numbers were at 693.

Delaney said that the reason for the slight disparity is because they had 82 eighth graders that graduated, and to date, 47 incoming students were signed up for kindergarten. Traditionally, the school sees an uptick of new students during the middle of summer. However, Delaney noted that this year has been quieter than usual.

“I did notice this week that it seems like the office is busier and we’ve been handing out some packets,” she said, noting that perhaps people are just now returning from vacation.

Delaney described the current student numbers as stable with smaller class sizes being offered. While delivering the numbers, Delaney estimated that the largest classroom would be seventh grade tallying at 90 students so far.

In terms of staffing, Delaney felt as if it has been balanced appropriately to match the enrollment numbers. At the time of the meeting, Delaney said that they were still in need of a second grade teacher and a literacy support teacher. Future meetings were scheduled to fill those positions, she said. She also mentioned how David Jaffe, the new superintendent who will begin his position on Aug.1, supplied a reference for one of those openings.

Also needed are four paraprofessional lunch aides to work three hours in the middle of the day.

While the new school year is approaching, Delaney said all is working out nicely. Delaney’s last day as superintendent is July 31 and will stay on as a special advisor to Jaffe after she transfers the superintendent reins.