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School district superintendent covers school year update

RANCHO SANTA FE — With the start of school beginning on Aug. 25, Superintendent Lindy Delaney presented a 2014-15 school year update to the board of trustees.

Following President Richard Burdge’s call to order, Delaney gave the board several updates.

“We are back and the teachers are back. We are off to a great start with great energy,” said Delaney, adding how many of the teachers were there earlier in the week.

As she stood in front of the staff on Tuesday, she told the board, it was a nice feeling.

Delaney pointed out how lucky the District has been with the RSF Education Foundation championing Newcomer Pool Parties.

While naming off some families who hosted festivities, Delaney mentioned how board of trustee member, Tyler Seltzer, hosted the kindergarten pool party.

“These parties are a great way to welcome students and they get to meet a few new kids,” Delaney said.

On the subject of the RSF Education Foundation, Delaney named off its new school year executive committee which included chair, Alexia Bregman; vice chairs Evan Malter, Jeff Symon and Shaunna Kahn; and secretary, Jan Shakiba.

Delaney described members of the executive committee as taking on a big commitment, while working on a grant of 1.3 million.

According to Delaney the robotics program was making a change this year which included more staff which would have a one-time stipend approval.

“We took the advice of many, and after several meetings of their input, decided to staff robotics with paid coaching, if you will, just like you do with athletics,” she said. “David (Warner) and John (Galipault) have done a great job cultivating, hiring, and looking for good people.”

Delaney told the board that she thought its robotics program would be taking a big step.

The Education Foundation, Delaney went on to say, would be hosting the Newcomers’ BBQ’ at the end of the week in where parents and children could take a tour of the school and meet the teachers.

“Just the fact they get to see their classroom and teachers makes them, especially younger students, feel better,” Delaney said.

Delaney wanted everyone to know that The Education Foundation was also hosting a cocktail party for newcomer parents which would be for adults only Sept. 5.

Delaney also reported they added a fifth, 3rd grade classroom which was a good decision.

“And for 1st grade, I am actually thrilled that we added that fourth classroom because we got two new students today,” she said.

Delaney also commended school principals Kim Pinkerton and Garrett Corduan for a phenomenal job the past week with being instruction leaders.

The superintendent also briefly touched upon the Next Generation Science Standards, which are coming out this year for their review.

“We will take a year with the science team to look at them and see how they fit. We may send a couple science teachers to conferences,” Delaney said.

Toward the end of her report, Delaney concluded enrollment was right around 700 with a few packets still not turned in.