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RSF school district extends Delaney’s employment

RANCHO SANTA FE — A unanimous school board decision has enabled outgoing Rancho Santa Fe School District superintendent Lindy Delaney to stay on for five months longer in an effort to assist the needs of its new superintendent. David Jaffe is serving his new position as superintendent beginning Aug. 1.

Jaffe was also present during the meeting.

Delaney’s role is to be on hand as a special advisor during this period of transition. Following the approval vote, Delaney thanked the board of trustees for the opportunity to help.

Board member Scott Kahn voiced his point of view. Having recently transitioned from the corporate world, he described this type of a decision as a standard practice to ensure that the outgoing individual can share knowledge to the person entering in.

“It’s a gift when you have an outgoing person that’s willing to do that,” he said, acknowledging Delaney.

Kahn went on to say that he thought from his own personal transition that it would only take a few months for the new individual to get settled in. However, Kahn said he still gets calls with important inquiries.

“And it’s the things you just never think about,” he said.

The opportunity to have someone stay on, Kahn said, means giving a new staff member the opportunity to get mentored, groomed and trained.

“I’m absolutely delighted that Lindy is able and willing to provide that,” he said, “And David, I’m really delighted that you understand what’s there for you.”

While Kahn knew that Jaffe would be spectacular in his new role, Kahn was pleased that such mentoring was in place so the incoming superintendent could be set up for success.

“It’s really great to have someone running along with you as you’re getting the baton,” Kahn said. He added, “So from my perspective, that’s why I thought this was an absolutely important and essential element in making sure you’re going to be successful.”

Board member Mari Ritto pointed out that most districts have assistant superintendents. While the Rancho Santa Fe School District currently doesn’t have one, she thought having Delaney stay on for five additional months as an advisor was a small price to pay to help ensure Jaffe’s success.

Board president Tyler Seltzer said that there were some important milestones approaching in the coming months and having Delaney on hand would be beneficial. The milestones he shared were the budget and school board election.

Seltzer described Delaney as being the single greatest resource that Jaffe could possibly have available at the district.

“I think it would be foolish not to make that available for you,” Seltzer said. “Everybody in this room, and every student, wants you to be as successful as possible, so why would we not do anything but give you every possible tool we can think of. And I’m happy to make that available to you.”