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RSF readies for Supper Club Dinner and secures top entertainment

RANCHO SANTA FE — The RSF Community Center is readying for its annual summer Supper Club Dinner event. Ranch residents Douglas Dolezal and Tulug Kenaoglu are hosting this summer evening soiree underneath a star lit sky at their hilltop home. Dolezal, a local designer, is thrilled to be taking part in this supper’s theme, a “Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

The event is scheduled for July 12 and tickets are still available.

Proceeds from the event support the RSF Community Center.

“We appreciate the support because it really is a fundraiser,” said Linda Durket, executive director at the RSF Community Center.

As a nonprofit, the community center does rely on their events, programs and classes to keep the nonprofit flourishing.

Durket went on to say while residents step forward to host the dinner, the community center is involved with arranging the theme, menu and entertainment for the evening.

This dinner will consist of an English cuisine, punctuated by a heartier fare.

“Our mission is to bring residents together in unique and special ways which foster community spirit,” Durket said. “Keeping with that mission, we look for these kinds of activities in an enjoyable way — so many people leaving our dinners never expected to have so much fun and meet so many new people.”

Once again, the RSF community center has secured the entertainment of virtuoso guitarist Hank Easton who is the featured guitarist in “The Steely Damned,” San Diego’s award-winning band. “We are excited to have Hank Easton perform. He is such a talented guitarist and vocalist,” Durket said.

For those who have never attended one of these special dinners, so many RSF residents have the opportunity to cross paths and make new friends.

Another allure is the San Diego weather and taking pause to enjoy the beauty of the Ranch.

Including Dolezal and Kenaoglu, Durket also wanted to thank their July dinner sponsor, Laura Barry of Barry Estates.

For those who are unable to attend the dinner, the next Supper Club Dinner is scheduled for August.

Durket also wants residents to know how thankful they are to any families who are able to assist in any way possible.

“We have had local families who have farms donate some of the produce and also families who have wineries donate wine; and, that goes a long way when you are trying to run an event with a budget,” she said.

To learn more about this special July 12 event or to purchase tickets, Durket invites all to call the Community Center for more information at (858) 756-2461 or visit