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Anne Rogers and Anne Vuylsteke with their handmade wreaths at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club’s annual wreath-making event on Dec. 8. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
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RSF Garden Club hosts holiday wreath-making event

RANCHO SANTA FE — Inside the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center, inspired minds gathered together on Dec. 8 to create their own holiday wreaths. For years, the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club has hosted this annual and festive gathering.

Executive Director Erin Browne explained how every year the Rancho Santa Fe Association take clippings from around the Ranch and donates them to the Garden Club for this special event.

“This year the Association brought us a nice variety of evergreens such as eucalyptus and holly berries,” she said.

People who joined in on the wreath-making day brought some of their own clippings such as magnolia leaves and olive branches as well as adornments for their wreaths.

“Shirley Corless walks around and shows the new people how to do it and gets them started,” she said. “Shirley has been coordinating this for years.”

Browne explained how at the end of the day, participants have a beautiful wreath to take home; and, a second one is created and donated to the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center.

The Center’s executive director, Terrie Litwin, facilitates the distribution of the wreaths to its members.

This year, Browne was excited to take part in the event making her own wreath. She had spotted someone designing one that was simple and not as full as a traditional holiday wreath. That sight percolated some creative energy.

Browne decided to give it a go.

“Last year, I was too busy running around visiting with people,” she said, adding how she was happy to jump in and be part of it on this round. “It’s fun and a little frustrating, but it is way more fun than I thought it was going to be.”

With the holidays in full swing, Browne shared what a wonderful time of year it is to be in the Ranch.

“It’s the best time of all. Everybody has such warm feelings and a spirit of service,” she said, adding how residents are happy to pitch in and help. “The community is happy to come together and do these types of service activities, especially these longstanding traditional activities that people look forward to every year.”