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RSF Association approves resolutions

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Association adopted a few resolutions at its December monthly board meeting. Leading the agenda items was RSF Association Director Allen Finkelson. A couple of the resolutions discussed and approved were Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures and Guidelines (IDR) and Election Rules.

First addressed was the IDR. According to Finkelson, the required 30-day waiting period was completed for member comments. He also pointed out how they had slightly revised the latest IDR version based on some member suggestions and comments. Changes were redlined for the members, he said.

The RSF Association moved to approve the new IDR, which would replace the existing procedure.

Board President Fred Wasserman explained to members in the audience that an IDR was a required procedure by the Davis Stirling Act.

“The Association must have an Internal Dispute Resolution procedure so if members have a dispute regarding certain issues, they have a way of negotiating with the Association to resolve those issues, or even resolve, maybe, a dispute with another member,” Wasserman said. “The IDR is for that purpose.”

Wasserman wanted members to know that the revised version was on the Association website and would also be sent in the next package to members next year along with the annual budget.

As for the Election Rules, Finkelson noted how they were posted for member consideration. This item was also required by the Davis Stirling Act.