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Resolution will make accessing records easier

RANCHO SANTA FE — One of the resolutions approved during the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s monthly board meeting in October referenced putting into place the policy and procedure for access to Association records. It was approved and is now referred to as Resolution 2016-115.

RSF Association Board President Fred Wasserman indicated that he worked on this resolution with RSF Association Director Allen Finkelson, along with information provided by the Association’s attorney.

“And now we have a very, very clean document,” Wasserman said. “We’ve actually started using it in the office on a test basis.”

Wasserman explained that if a member wants to request any information that they are entitled to under the law, they could go to the Association, and fill out a form. From there it gets processed.

“So we now have it in writing and this also will be put up on the website as well so you can see it,” said Wasserman, noting how they wanted to be very transparent.

Wasserman described this new resolution as in compliance with the Davis-Stirling Act and one that was easier due to the form process.

“It’s far simpler, far more complete and far more user-friendly than what it was before,” he said.

During the public comment, one member questioned why there was a 10-day delay in receiving the information following the form request. Wasserman shared that this was a statutory requirement. In essence, the Association has that amount of days to provide the material.

Some information is not readily available, he said. In some particular instances Association staff may be able to provide the information requested more swiftly and not require the entire 10 days

“It gives us 10 days in order to comply,” he said.

Wasserman encouraged the members to read their new policies and procedures.

“You’ll find that it’s far more comprehensive, far more informative and tells you a lot more than what you had before,” he said. Wasserman added, “It gives you everything in there and you can delegate a person to pick up the information for you, if you want. That process did not exist before.”