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Residents sought to serve, lead community

RANCHO SANTA FE —Association Manager Pete Smith announced 17 openings on 10 committees at the Oct. 2 meeting. “This is a big opportunity to serve the community,” Smith said. Committee vacancies include: Historical Preservation, three openings; Osuna Adobe, three openings; Parks and Recreation, two openings; planning, two openings; Road and Traffic, four openings; and Trails, three openings.
Members wanting to serve on any committee should make their interest known — in writing — to Smith on or before Oct. 31. Also, any member in good standing may nominate another member in good standing to serve. The list of volunteers and nominees for each committee, along with board member recommendations, will be submitted by Smith to the appropriate committees for their consideration and recommendations back to the board.
Board Director Bill Beckman felt strongly that residents should step up to the plate. “It’s important to serve your community,” he said. “Too often we become complacent. We need to get out there and recruit people.” Others on the board agreed. “On the Trails Committee, we recruit individuals and it’s been very successful,” Vice President Tim Sullivan said.
The majority of board directors served on committees prior to serving on the board. “It’s a great way to gain experience,” Beckman said.
At the Oct. 2 meeting, the board of directors also drew lots from a list of eligible persons who are in good standing and are former Art Jurors or board members. These individuals will establish a committee for the selection of Art Jury candidates. In total, 15 members were drawn in the lot and the first three Art Jurors and first two board members who are willing and able to serve will comprise the committee.
In other Association news, Covenant Administrator Ivan Holler presented the board with emergency contact phone numbers and evacuation procedures that will be mailed out to the community. The distribution of these numbers and procedures comes as part of the recommendations from the Fire Aftermath Review Committee, a committee that looked at the actions that occurred during last year’s Witch Creek Fire. The board approved the printing and mailing of the materials. Residents can expect to receive this information by mid-October. The information will also be posted on the Association’s Web site. Beckman was enthusiastic about the materials. “This is very helpful,” Beckman said. “We need to be vigilant and active. This material is a great reminder that we are still at risk.”
Holler also informed the board that work is to begin Oct. 7 to rubberize specific roads in the Covenant. The special rubberized asphalt slurry coat not only reduces road noise, but also helps with wear and tear on vehicles.
Smith said that ballots would be mailed to residents during the week of Oct. 13. At issue is the bylaw change that members overwhelmingly supported to be placed on a ballot last month. Members have until Nov. 17 to cast their votes; the results will be tallied on Nov.18.
For more information on the committee openings, call Pete Smith at (858) 756-1174 or e-mail [email protected]