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Red Volunteers from the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation ready for Red Envelope Day on Oct. 6. Courtesy photo
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Red Envelope Day event readied

RANCHO SANTA FE — As the R. Roger Rowe school year is underway, the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation is readying for Red Envelope Day. This year the event is slated for Oct. 6.

RSFEF Development Director Barbara Edwards explained that the school district’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. Red Envelope Day serves as a push to help jumpstart the fundraising.

The fundraising goal for the 2017-2018 school year is $1 million.  

“We ask for contributions and pledges early in the year, because the Annual Grant from the Education Foundation helps fund small class sizes and enrichment programs for this academic year, so early payments help us track our progress to goal and make timely distributions to the district,” Edwards said.

Red Envelope Day consists of contribution forms which come with red envelopes.

“It is our symbol of committing to and supporting the Education Foundation financially,” she said.

Edwards explained that every family received the contribution form and red envelope in their summer mailing packet. While the form can be dropped off at any time, the RSFEF created a day which centers around an annual giving campaign.

“We basically decorate the school in a sea of red balloons, and we have doughnuts that we hand out to everyone at drop off,” she said. “We have a whole slew of volunteers lined up along with the balloons taking collections as parents drive up to the school.”

Popcorn is served at pickup.

The day culminates with a “Paint The Rowe Red” evening reception at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe on Oct. 6.

The event is underwritten by the Inn.

“Any Rancho Santa Fe parent who makes a contribution or pledge to be paid later in the year is eligible to attend,” she said, adding that they will update the list until 5 p.m. that day.  

The evening is an opportunity to have parents gather and enjoy the company of other parents who have also made contributions or pledges.

The mission of the RSFEF is to support the school district, support its policies and programs, and to maintain small class sizes.

Edwards wants parents to know that the foundation does work with families regarding their pledges. Red Envelope Day is a voluntary contribution.

“We are a public school, and we never lose sight of that,” Edwards said. “But we know that this public school would look a lot different without the financial support of the education foundation, as well as the volunteer support.”

Edwards said that in some cases families will make their contribution payment in the second half of the year. And that’s perfectly fine. The RSFEF is flexible on different types of payment structures.

“What we really do ask is that families pledge up front, even if they are going to pay later in the year. Because once we take a pledge, we count that as expected dollars coming to us,” she said. “The No. 1 way parents can help us is by contributing or pledging by Red Envelope Day.” 

Edwards also pointed out that every contribution made to the RSFEF is 100 percent tax deductible and all donor recognition events are underwritten by its Community Partners Program so that every dollar goes directly to the district for the benefit of all students.

To learn more about the RSFEF and volunteering opportunities, visit