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Reconnect with your resolutions

It’s March, and if the data is to be believed, many of us have already begun neglecting our New Year’s Resolutions, something that all too often leaves us frustrated and defeated. But what if the path to get back on track sits in the palm of our hands … or on our laps … or our wrists?

With the right devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches – and Cox Internet – your connected goals won’t be stalled by your wifi service. Whether your goals include fitness, finances, mindfulness or doing good, a reliable device and strong connection mean you’ll have one less excuse to stop short.

Connected health

Starting a fitness routine is easy. Sticking to it, not so much. You need discipline, structure, and most importantly, motivation. And today, all of these are powered from your connected devices, meaning you can:

• Make a plan

• Work out with a coach

• Track progress

• Adjust on the fly

• Celebrate milestones

• Find inspiration from like-minded communities

Subscription-based apps, like those from Nike, Noom, Peloton, Weight Watchers and others, aim to put control in your hands both in and out of your home. Whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, eat better or all of the above, the tools you need now rely on your wifi connection.

Own your finances

Many of us already conduct some financial activities online – banking, paying bills, managing investments – and most creditors, banks and retailers offer user-friendly apps and websites. But really getting the most out of them requires a strong understanding of responsible budget management. Ask yourself:

• Do I know my balances?

• Do I know when bill payments are due?

• Do I know when there has been new activity on my accounts?

• Am I prioritizing my spending appropriately?

Plenty of tools are available to help you set and stay within your budget. With connected technology, you can confidently manage your money like a pro – at home or on the go.

Be well

Beyond physical fitness, some of us seek deeper, more holistic, wellness. There are countless apps that can help you achieve a more balanced mindset. More and more people are turning to their devices to achieve physical and mental peace with offerings like:

• Instructor-led meditation

• Daily affirmations

• Breathing exercises

• Virtual reality travel

• Counseling


Leaving a better world for the next generation is a lofty aspiration. It can also seem daunting to a single person.  Cutting back on waste, protecting natural resources and reducing emissions don’t have to be monumental tasks. We can use technology to:

• Shop online instead of driving to the store

• Change newspaper and magazine subscriptions from print to digital

• Sign up to receive bills via email instead of postal mail

• Use smart devices – lights, thermostats, etc. – to optimize home energy efficiency

There are also many apps available that can help you calculate your personal carbon footprint and show you ways to shrink it. Check out My Earth, Klima, Earth Hero and Joro to learn how you can make a meaningful difference.

The bottom line: Today is just as good a starting point as January 1 to make and keep your 2023 resolutions. And with help from connected tech and a strong internet connection from a trusted provider like Cox, the journey to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled you can be a whole lot smoother.