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Ranch patrol to get home

RANCHO SANTA FE — Association Manager Peter Smith and Association President Bill Beckman announced the proposed site for the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol Facilities at the July 2 Association meeting.
In January 2009 a Site Development Committee was established to address office space and parking needs required by the Association, Rancho Santa Fe Fire Department, Rancho Santa Fe School and Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. Over the past six months, in more than 20 meetings, numerous options and variations have been explored. After much consideration, the most feasible choice is now called Option A.
“The proposed project is still in the very early design phase,” Smith said. “The planning is still conceptual and the project has not been formally submitted to the Art Jury. But the site satisfies the needs of all the groups.”
The proposed site, located near Linea del Cielo and Inn Cottage Road, is owned by The Inn and currently houses a parking facility and tennis court. The Inn is donating the land, asking in return for the same number of parking spaces and permission for guests to use the tennis courts at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course.
A 3,000-square-foot patrol facility will be a presence in the village, which will hopefully be a deterrent to crime. The land will also accommodate 159 parking spaces to be used and shared by the school, Fire Department, Association and Inn.
After much consideration, the architectural firm of Hanna Gabriel Wells was hired to develop initial plans for the site. In addition to the patrol facility, plans call for underground parking, with 85 spaces below and 74 on top. Early estimates put the cost at approximately $4.7 million.
The Association would own the patrol facilities building and be entitled to 15 parking spaces for $2.5 million. The Rancho Santa Fe School would pay $600,000 and be entitled to parking spaces for teachers and staff. The Fire Department would be allocated 35 spaces and would pay $1.6 million.
“Sharing this makes this a win/win situation,” Beckman said. There were others attending the meeting, however, who felt differently, including new board Director Jack Queen. “This is a solution looking for a problem,” he said. “This is driven by the needs of the Fire Department.” Ranch resident Gorden Larsen agreed and offered his solution. “Do nothing.”
The majority of those attending the meeting, however, disagreed. “Doing nothing is not an option,” Carlie Headapohl, the school board president, said. “We have explored countless options. This is by far the most viable option. I give great thanks to The Inn.”
“Doing nothing doesn’t solve the problem,” board Director Tom Lang said. “To come up with an entity for all four groups is hard. It has earned the right to proceed.”
Should the project move forward, the financing and approval would need to be completed by September 2010 and construction would begin in October 2010. Completion and occupancy is anticipated to be June 2011.