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Prednisone: The cure-all prescription


Final answer…. Prednisone. What did the doctor prescribe you for your asthma? Prednisone. What did the doctor give you for your arthritis? Prednisone. What did the doctor recommend for your allergies? Prednisone. This pill gets the job done. Best known for its inflammation reducing power, Prednisone is a steroid drug that reduces a wide variety of symptoms.

Its founder: Arthur Nobile first discovered this drug in the 1950s which changed the way arthritis could be treated.

Prednisone uses include conditions such as blood disorders, breathing problems, allergies, skin diseases, cancer, eye problems, multiple sclerosis, and bursitis. By weakening the immune system, this drug goes to battle with chemicals in the body that are causing inflammation. It is most commonly taken in tablet form, but there is a liquid option too.

There are quite a few possible side effects and as with any choice, weighing the pros and cons is important. The most common types include trouble sleeping, acne, confusion, nausea, weight gain, restlessness, and thinning skin.  This drug is known for upsetting the stomach. Therefore, it should be taken in the morning with food. Morning time is recommended since sleeplessness and insomnia can occur. Other more serious side effects include high blood pressure, allergic reactions or eye pain. Many people who take the drug for more than three weeks do suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly stop its use.  The higher the dose and the longer one takes Prednisone, the more likely these symptoms can result.

Many of my clients have taken this drug or certainly know someone who has. As I work with people mostly over age 50, it seems that the majority have been prescribed this remedy at some point in time. A common problem is that one becomes dependent on these tablets. For instance, is one is suffering from breathing problems and Prednisone does the trick to alleviate this, why would this person every want to stop taking it?? Well, long term use of prednisone can cause osteoporosis as well as cause the adrenal glands to shrink. This drug can complicate blood sugar levels of diabetics. Unfortunately, the drug is only a temporary solution to the problem at hand.

Being proactive for our health and seeking medical attention are extremely important actions we must take to feel and function at our best. It is critical that we listen to our bodies when they whisper to us, because when they scream it might be too late. The Lifestlye of the FIT and Healthy person stays well informed of what they are putting into their bodies and makes educated decisions based upon their doctor’s advice. This cure all prescription isn’t the answer forever, but can help start the process to looking, feeling, and becoming your best self.