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Early Bird by Coronado BrewingSuper Bowl LVI
Drinking an Early Bird by Coronado Brewing during Super Bowl LVI. Photo by Ryan Woldt
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Post-Super Bowl: What pro tips?

We are officially post-Super Bowl. Congrats to the Rams and all of you who survived one of the biggest beer-drinking days of the year. Last week, I gave you a bunch of pro-tips for enjoying the game. And then I immediately ignored all of them.

I snacked all week, forcing a grocery run pre-game on Sunday. I finished all good IPAs before the game. Then wisely did not partake in the bourbon barrel beers. I signed up for Peacock (so I could stream the game) but somehow misspelled my own email trying to set up the account, necessitating a call to customer service.

The only thing I did right was to make sure there were enough pairs of clean pants with elastic waistbands, and I did drink beer. Here is my (partial) game recap:

  • 2:45 PM – I got the Peacock working just in time for the game.
  • 3:00 PM – Is it starting yet?
  • 3:15 PM – Wow, both pre-game singers, Jhené Aiko and Mickey Guyton, were great.
  • 3:30 PM – “What happens tonight? It is Super Bowl 56,” says Al Michaels. “Right, but when?” I reply.
  • 3:32 PM – Jeff Goldblum is back for the new Jurassic Park! Maybe it won’t suck.
  • 3:34 PM – “It IS time!” says The Rock. Yes, yes, it is. I might need a nap soon.
  • Authors note: I stopped time tracking about here when I dropped a chip with salsa on my shirt.
  • “Who Dey” is pretty close to “Who Dat.” Does anyone from New Orleans have thoughts?
  • My beer is empty. I should open this Bagby Après Surf. Crack-pfft.
  • The dog sure makes a better door than a window. Get out of the way, Mick!
  • Sack! The Bengals Defense seems nasty.
  • This is the year of the celebrity advertisement. Ewan McGregor, Andre 3000, Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, Dolly, Mario Lopez, Schwarzenegger, Salma Hayak, The Pontiac Bandit, the Joneses, the woman from that thing, Seinfeld guy, and, of course, a Morgan Freeman voice-over. And what was that app-thing John Legend was hawking? No shade. Get that money celebs! Was that Leo?!
  • Is anyone in the stadium cheering for the Rams? This game is in LA, right?
  • Joe Burrow seems to be channeling a young Johnny Depp from the little-seen John Waters musical, Cry-baby. How do you get your hair to have that slicked back shine yet still get that curl in the front, Joe?
  • Did you know both of the head coaches are really young? If not, don’t worry, you’ll hear about it soon enough.
  • Obligatory, Cooper Kupp! Why doesnt anyone seem to defend him?
  • Touchdown, Rams! I’m glad this isn’t going to end in a 0-0 tie.
  • I think we’re out of hummus. Why is it so hot out? I need a popsicle.
  • Seriously, that John Legend app seems insane. I should download it.
  • Ja’Marr Chase takes Ramsey deep! What a catch!
  • Time for another beer. I see a Coronado Brewing Early Bird Nola-style Milk Stout brewed with chicory, Bird Rock Coffee, and Lactose in the fridge. Crack-pfft!
  • Do we think OBJ is a good guy? Or a bad guy? I’m going with a good guy.
  • I hope that missed extra point doesn’t come back to haunt that placeholder.
  • Trick play! Touchdown! Bengals with the ol’ razzle dazzle!
  • Based on the commercials, you’d think every person in America drives an electric vehicle instead of—Googling — the 3.5% of total cars sold last year.
  • Do it for the phones? Do it for the phones! Miley and Dolly are really collecting those checks. Shout out to the Scrubs guys for getting that T-Mobile money too.
  • Oh no! OBJ! Say it ain’t so!
  • That interception could be a game-changer.
  • How do I get into a Super Bowl Ad? Would you want to see a 2023 Cheers! North County ad featuring me, Steve Urkel, Stefan Urquelle, and Lisa Simpson.
  • Half-time…wasn’t bad. I don’t know that I think it was great. Prince was great in 2016. Maybe if Snoop and Mary J. Blige did an outfit swap…

At this point, I took the dog out. When I walked back inside, I was told, “You just missed a 75-yard touchdown!” So, I skipped a few steps ahead and poured myself a whiskey, and topped it off with a splash of First Light Coffee Whiskey. So much for all my game day pro-tips. Until next year. Cheers! Here’s hoping baseball starts on time.

Post Super Bowl LVI
Mick needed a walk just before a huge play. Good boy. Photo by Ryan Woldt

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