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Police and civic group host soccer tournament

OCEANSIDE — Using soccer to build character and friendships through teamwork, skill and endurance plus creating the desire to be the very best they can be on and off the soccer field, the North County Lifeline, The Boys & Girls Club of Oceanside and the officers from the Oceanside Police Department created the Crown Heights Soccer Tournament. It took place at the Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside on June 6 and was a huge success.The children of Oceanside’s Crown Heights Neighborhood regularly play soccer on the front playground area at the Americanization School, which are cramped quarters amongst the playground equipment. Most of them have never played at the Boys and Girls Club Facilities or played on any organized sports teams for various reasons.

The Boys and Girls Club graciously allowed the children from the Crown Heights Neighborhood to experience an actual competitive, organized activity and use their facility for the 1st Annual Crown Heights Soccer Tournament.

The sequence of the Crown Heights Neighborhood Soccer Tournament was as follows: Players of various ages were evenly assigned to ensure all teams had equal talent and skill level. A total of four games were played, with four teams involved in the tournament to establish a first-, second-, third- and fourth-place teams. In the end all were winners and a second tournament is planned for next year.

OPD officers provided trophies and medals for the participants along with pizza and drinks at the end of the tournament. The award ceremony took place directly after. The overall winners received first-place trophies and all participants received medals. Soccer balls were presented to the two highest scorers of the tournament.

Organized in 1969, North County Lifeline, Inc. is a non-profit human services organization that offers a wide range of services to the people of North San Diego County. Lifeline’s mission is to “build self-reliance among youth, individuals and families through problem solving, skill-building and accessible community-based services.” For more information, visit or call (760) 757-0118.