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Plenty to celebrate in Cardiff this year

Spring is always a new beginning and this spring finds us celebrating Cardiff-by-the-Sea’s 100th anniversary, which started in January with a party at Besta Wan and continued with the dedication of a commemorative garden in Carpentier Way last month.
The library expansion will be finished shortly but a formal dedication will take place later after the garden, which will be where the Torrey Pines once stood, is finished.
Be sure to continue to watch the “Magic Carpet Ride” statue so you don’t miss the current costume change. T-shirts are available at Postal Annex Plus.
On July 2 the Friends will join Cardiff 101 MainStreet for a community picnic in Glen Park. Mark your calendars and come for a fun-filled day.
On Sept. 21, Billy Stern will present the Cardiff Composer District History and Concert at Cardiff Elementary School.
On Oct. 5, the Full Moon Poets Centennial Poetry Slam will be held at Cardiff Library’s new community room. Mark your calendars for these events, check them out on the Friends website or pick up a book mark at the library or 101 MainStreet office.
Check our website for the dates for the Summer Reading Program and be sure to get your children enrolled.
I wish to thank everyone for the cards, letters, phone calls and flowers during my recent illness. They brought comforting cheer from the wonderful friends that make Cardiff-by-the-Sea the greatest place to call home.