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Patrol, leaders team up for home checks

RANCHO SANTA FE — Covenant residents can now call the Association office to request the Patrol to conduct vacation home checks. The Association will be the primary point of contact to take these requests. Prior to going on a vacation, residents can make the request by calling the Association at (858) 756-1174 anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
According to Association Manager Pete Smith, the new service will also be cost-effective. “This should improve on the service we provide the members as well as reduce costs.”
Smith explained that in the past vacation check calls have been through the normal dispatch service. The Association is charged a fee per call into dispatch no matter what the call is for. “If it is an emergency call or just a vacation check request the cost is the same, currently about $57 per call,” Smith said.
Under the new system, the calls will come into the Association office and be handled by the same employee, depending on volume. Any member of the Association may sign up for the check by simply calling the Association office and identifying the dates they will be out of town. The Rancho Santa Fe Patrol will check on the property at random times during the day to make sure the property is secure.
Members can also use the Association Web site to download a PDF copy of the request form. It is available at www.
The Association and the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol ask that the above information be used for vacation checks only; security checks due to suspicious or criminal activity should be called in to the patrol dispatch at (858) 756-4372.
The Rancho Santa Fe Patrol does approximately 28,000 security checks each year.