Small Talk

Backseat philosophy

As a salute to summer lethargy, Jean has pulled one from the archives

Cast is leading to crankiness

Well, I may well be grappling with gangrene by the time you read this, as I just broke the first rule of having your hand wrapped in a big, annoying cast-bandage thingy. I got it a little bit wet.

Luxury lost on kids

Jean Gillette has a cast on her arm. Details to come. For now, one from the archives.

The great swimsuit divide

I have such fond memories of summer. It meant long, lazy days to read fat books, enjoy carefree beach time and homemade ice cream.

What’s up with zombies?

I am trying to understand the growing attraction of zombies.

The tree that will not die

Summer Solstice is near and I can’t ignore my yard any longer with a clear conscience.

Small Talk: The great outdoors

Welcome once again to Wild Kingdom, right in my own backyard.

Putting your best face forward

I have never worn much make-up. It is not, I assure you, because I am a natural beauty. It has been because I was completely unmotivated, or, as I like to categorize it, low maintenance.

There’s something to say for enthusiasm

I’m not feeling amusing today. I am feeling righteous anger, or at least I think it’s righteous.

Boston’s not-so-strong mascots

If you know me at all, you know I am one of Boston’s biggest fans. But I am beginning to see a hilarious pattern in that city. Their mascots are just a little bit lame.