Small Talk

Knowledge that’s worth passing on

As my home remodel draws to a close, I find I not only gained a gorgeous granite counter top, I gained wisdom. The renovation of three bathrooms and my kitchen has taught me many things I will carry through life and pass on to my children.

This is what gets my summer started

My goddaughter is in Turkey for six months. The very first thing she missed is the vast selection of fresh, locally grown food that surrounds us here in California. I remember my shock upon moving to New York, after growing up with Fuerte avocado trees right outside my door. I truly missed my guacamole.

Oh, the vanity

Every morning I get up and, as my father used to tease, “put my eyes in.”

Finding my peace amid the madness

If I needed to count my blessings, I need only look into the eyes of any one of the moms who race through the school library this time of year. End-of-year madness has descended and they are scrambling.

Sending out our best book agents

Jean Gillette is out enjoying a holiday weekend. This is from her archives.

Dressing down: The new high fashion

You know you are in Southern California, if…

Thanks to the risk takers

It is true that in spring, fancies turn. For many people, it’s that time of year when wild and foolish plans are put into action.

The growing pains of a remodel

I have discovered having a home remodel is rather like having a baby. Suddenly you are in a special club and are privy to dozens of stories and lots of good advice and support. It is also like having a baby, in that, until you do it, you really can’t imagine what it is like. […]

Rats: They’re more than a four letter word

“Oh rats!” This has become more than an expletive to me.

There’s always next year

I wanted to start out with “How ‘bout those Aztecs?” and I still could, but I am more inclined to go with “There is no joy in Mudville.”