Cullisons pleased with Quail Gardens development

ENCINITAS — Shirley and Gerald Cullison who grew up in the area were in town recently visiting friends and the conversation turned to the development of Quail Botanical Gardens and the recent opening of the highly popular Children’s Garden. They gave it a thumbs up and opined that Ruth and Charles Larabee, the original land […]

Jobs were plentiful during the summer

DEL MAR — Summer jobs for kids in the village were never a problem. There were more available than there were kids to do them. Some preferred to spend their time fishing and swimming while others held two or three jobs. With gasoline stations on almost every corner, being a gas jockey was attractive to […]

Link to the era of land grants now history

DEL MAR — With the passing in June of Earnest “Ernie” Bertoncini, the last direct link between the present and the era of land grants ended. There was a close relationship between the Juan Maria Osuna land grant that included Rancho Santa Fe and village resident Ruth Bertoncini, Ernie’s mother. She was Osuna’s great granddaughter. […]

Del Mar 100 ended in tragedy

DEL MAR — Auto racing fans were buzzing when it was announced that Rex Mays would compete in the Del Mar 100 in 1949. Except for the fact it was to be held on the racetrack, there was no relation between horses and racecars. More than 25,000 fans swarmed to the fairgrounds for the event […]

Fairs can be fun and educational as well

DEL MAR — Folks go to fairs for different reasons. There are those who attend to shatter their diets gorging on such eats as chocolate covered bacon. Others challenge the newest, most spectacular diversions that leave you wanting to heave the chocolate covered bacon you just enjoyed. The livestock areas command a good share of […]

Del Mar merry-go-round nothing new

DEL MAR — Today’s carnivals are a collection of spectacular rides designed to test the mettle of folks who know no fear. Facing the main carnival entrance there is a merry-go-round. It’s not a big revenue producer and it’s not spectacular except maybe for the little folks. But it’s traditional. Almost every carnival has one. […]

En Fuego in Del Mar dates back to 1930

DEL MAR — The village is observing its 50th year of cityhood but compared with En Fuego Cantina & Grill, it’s only middle aged. En Fuego dates back to 1930 for continuous operation — first as a tea room and trinket shoppe. Resident Bill Mushet built the Spanish-style building to share as an office with […]

Community picnic will celebrate city’s 50th

DEL MAR — A variety of special events are planned for the communitywide picnic to be held July 12 at Powerhouse Park in celebration of the 50th year of incorporation. No doubt attendance will be far greater than the first organized party held on the beach at 19th Street in 1946 sponsored by the Del […]

From gas stations to sidewalk dining areas

DEL MAR — Addition of a half-dozen sidewalk dining areas will definitely fatten the city’s coffers, and entice more folks to visit downtown who will even become shoppers. Changing the face of Del Mar has never been easy and has always been a slow process. A few residents still remember when there were gas stations […]

The village’s real water dilemma was where to get water in the first place

DEL MAR — There’s no disputing the city as well as the entire Southland is facing a critical water shortage. However, Del Mar had a real problem in its infancy. During the clamor to incorporate, proponents never bothered to thoroughly investigate its water source. Sam Fraser had earlier acquired the water company from South Coast […]