Small Talk

What surprises may come

Happy holidays, to all our everlovin’ friends and family.

For the love of dishtowels

Towels get no respect

Countdown to the holidays has already started

I will reluctantly admit that October is gone. Now and only now will I say out loud the name of the next holiday — Thanksgiving. There.

Taking care of dog, brings back memories

I have been known to moan and sigh over my children being grown up and gone. I frequently think longingly of bygone days when they were little and the fun we had. It’s a classic case of selective memory.

Younsters are growing through the ranks

I just read a press release on some brilliant, splendid students hereabouts who are doing a wonderful thing to help children far across the globe. It makes me proud to hear of such things and heartened that such gracious, caring youngsters are preparing to take over our world.

Don’t rat me out

It appears I am a wanted felon. OK, not a felon, just a wanted infraction flaunter.

Out with the old technology, in with the new

I know it would have hurt his feelings if I had laughed out loud. So I didn’t – but I wanted to.

You can’t do this with an email

I know a lot of you like to take potshots at the greeting card companies. In the midst of any given holiday madness, I have searched for a handy scapegoat, myself.

Just this side of take-out

I’m going to start my own cooking show. When I say a recipe is simple, lazy cooks everywhere will know I mean four steps or less. In other words, just this side of take-out.

Scary holiday sweet treats

Summer’s not such a tough time for those of us with an unrepentant sweet tooth, but that candy-corn holiday is on its way, followed swiftly by iced sugar cookies.