Small Talk

In my next life…

I stood over the sink, grumbling and grousing as I scraped and scoured that scorched pan. Scrubbing pans has always been a chore I loathe, but this time my grizzling was aggravated because the end result had tasted like goat sweat.

Tattletale nannies inspire confessions

I read a review of one of the “nany-tell-all” books about star moms and the reader was aghast. The word was that anchorwoman Katie Couric stood by the refrigerator sloppily eating ice cream from the carton, and that she left dirty clothes all over the house.

Nothing says love like heat-resistant concrete

OK, I’ll say it. My husband was right.

‘Pointe’ break

Today I saw a photo of a graceful ballerina striking a pose on her toes and I was filled with longing.

First let me remind all that I have a gorgeous new kitchen. I cling to that as the home surrounding that kitchen crumbles.

The fast and the furious

I never really thought of myself as a bad girl, until now.

It’s the best of both worlds

I am happy to report that the Belgrade Lakes in Maine are still fabulous. And in related news, Boston is also still delightful.

Birthday parties may cause hives

We’ve been on the birthday party circuit this year.

Feeling the squeeze

I am two inches slimmer today, or so the lovely woman told me last night.

I fought the noodle and it won

I wrestled with a pool noodle this week. I lost.