Small Talk

The next millenium is only 985 years away

Say it with me now… Yikes! The next millennium is only 985 years away.

Have yourself a merry little Boxing Day

Best wishes to all on this fine Boxing Day. Boxing Day, Dec. 26, is a traditional holiday in England and its origin leaves most Americans scratching our heads.

Nutritional rules are declared null and void

In case you missed the pronouncement, let me give you the official word. As of Dec. 1 and through at least Jan. 4, all nutritional rules and regulations have been temporarily declared null and void.

Rainy day weather perfect for a good book

ll be on the way. What better excuse to grab a book, a chair and a warm, dry corner?

The smell of cookies in the morning

Best holiday news ever! Some sweet soul, who doesn’t know my track record for setting off the smoke alarm, has invited me to a Christmas cookie exchange. I love these things because, despite my love of holiday goodies, I tend to flag on the days of baking required to create all the exotic kinds I […]

What surprises may come

Happy holidays, to all our everlovin’ friends and family.

For the love of dishtowels

Towels get no respect

Countdown to the holidays has already started

I will reluctantly admit that October is gone. Now and only now will I say out loud the name of the next holiday — Thanksgiving. There.

Taking care of dog, brings back memories

I have been known to moan and sigh over my children being grown up and gone. I frequently think longingly of bygone days when they were little and the fun we had. It’s a classic case of selective memory.

Younsters are growing through the ranks

I just read a press release on some brilliant, splendid students hereabouts who are doing a wonderful thing to help children far across the globe. It makes me proud to hear of such things and heartened that such gracious, caring youngsters are preparing to take over our world.