Not That You Asked

Pachyderm phobia at the Carlsbad school board?

There’s an old chestnut about the elephant on the couch where a news reporter is assigned to bring back a story about how an incumbent plans to get re-elected to public office. The reporter turns in the story and the editor says it reads OK and moves it along. The deadline having been made, the […]

Good ‘ol boy on horns of dilemma?

There’s just something you’ve got to like, even admire, about a maverick, a garrulous charmer who may bend a rule now and again to achieve what he and his followers would agree is a worthwhile end, like winning an election. Who among us, for example, thinks all that much less of, say, incorrigible bank robber […]

Of drugs and sports

The news has been bristling lately with items about what may, or may not, have been pre-emptive strikes aimed at rooting out a supply chain for esoteric drugs linked — however obliquely — to our hallowed professional sports franchises, the Chargers and the Padres. San Diego appears to be one of the first such sports […]

What are the odds we’ve no cause for concern?

I’m siding these days with John and Stacy Quartarone, the Carlsbad couple who lost their 16-year-old son, Chase, to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in December and who theorize that tests of the air, soil and water in and around the schools might lend a clue as to why. This goes against what I understand the fundamental line […]