Jaycees made world’s largest valentine

DEL MAR — After World War II, the most active organization in the area was the San Dieguito Jaycees comprised mostly of war vets. Every project was doable, but not surprising the Jaycees were always short on cash. They decided on a dance as a fundraiser. Not just the usual dance but a Valentine’s Day […]

Adventures in the Del Mar slough

DEL MAR — A coppla old geezers were quaffing a few adult beverages and talking stories when the reminiscing turned to the neat improvements being made to the Del Mar slough now known as the San Dieguito Lagoon. Early on the area was mostly swamp land that ended where the river poured into the ocean. […]

Embarrassing New Year’s Eve event talk of town

DEL MAR — Several decades ago New Year’s Eve house parties were the norm in the village. One that went down in infamy had to do with a situation that had a lotta folks talking about it rather than who would win the football game in the Rose Bowl. Folks were having a good ole […]

Silver payola for Christmas pageant cast

DEL MAR — Decades ago, the week after Thanksgiving marked the beginning of rehearsals for the annual Christmas play presented by the elementary school kids. Even the boys who couldn’t carry a tune or who were going through a change of voice were willing and enthusiastic participants. At the conclusion of the program they all […]

Historic replica missing in Rancho Santa Fe

DEL MAR — One-hundred-pound, cast iron bells that replicate hand-held choir bells have been in the news lately because a spokesperson for the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society reported one of five of these bells the group had installed was missing. The bells are mounted on 13-foot-high metal poles that resemble a sheepherders crook. The original […]

Trees are always in the news, no matter where you are

SAN DIEGUITO — Trees are a perpetual item in the area. In Rancho Santa Fe, an arboretum is in the works that folks can visit and learn species that are suitable for replacing deceased and dying trees. Encinitas made international news when a sitter occupied a tree that was due to be cut down with […]

Sometimes mail came general delivery

DEL MAR — A long time ago, 75 years or so, during the depression some folks could not afford to rent a mailbox so they used general delivery. Of course you didn’t want your friends to know you were using general delivery so you always said you were on the waiting list to rent the […]

Halloween was no trick or treat proposition

DEL MAR — When today’s boy seniors were juvies, Halloween was more than a night of dressing up in store-bought costumes and knocking on doors, lugging a decorated candy bag, and shouting “trick or treat.” It required advance planning and effort. The challenge was to evade Constable Joe Sage who most of the time sat […]

Vote to incorporate was heated and bitter

DEL MAR — When residents celebrated the city’s 50th anniversary in July at Powerhouse Park it was in vast contrast to the 75 percent of the villagers who went to the polls to decide whether to become the county’s 11th city. That was decided by a split decision when only 74 votes separated the yes […]

Reckless tax spenders would find themselves in slammer

DEL MAR — “Golden Nuggets,” an eight-page, mimeographed review of village school operations published by the Del Mar PTA in 1970 noted that “money expenditures were closely watched.” A tidbit therein would make an excellent guide for today’s free spending electeds who spend taxpayers’ money like drunken legislators. They would land in the slammer on […]