Small Talk

Spring has arrived in North County

I don’t remember what Punxsutawney Phil had to say on Groundhog Day, but there is no doubt that spring has arrived in North County.

Never trust anyone under 45

As temperatures plummet to crazy-below-zero back east, I have realized that the only thing worse than living in that climate is having your child living there.

Tales of war and treasure

As Russia rattles its saber in Eastern Europe, I was reminded of one of my favorite stories that came from where I least expected it. It came from a neighborhood mom, a friend whose kids went to my school. One day in fall 2003, she mentioned that she and her family had gone to Latvia […]

Making those credit cards smoke

Not long ago, a syndicated columnist best known for her political commentary wrote a wonderful column admitting all the reasons she just loves to Christmas shop.

No whining; just weeds

Well, fine. I certainly can’t complain about blizzards and hours of shoveling out the car, but I have my own West Coast whine.

Learning to become serene and scholarly

There is a part of me that would love to be like the Queen Mother, or perhaps the Dowager Countess of Grantham. There is never any doubt these women are beautifully schooled in the finer things. That fantasy is regularly torn to shreds by my inability to sit still, wear gloves or be even occasionally […]

In the holiday’s aftermath

Well, it’s January.  Yawn.

A new year, old routines

Well, it was back to school on Monday for many of us.

The next millenium is only 985 years away

Say it with me now… Yikes! The next millennium is only 985 years away.

Have yourself a merry little Boxing Day

Best wishes to all on this fine Boxing Day. Boxing Day, Dec. 26, is a traditional holiday in England and its origin leaves most Americans scratching our heads.