Not That You Asked

Blazing trousers

Am I the only one feeling assaulted by the attack ads candidates are spending such obscene amounts of money putting on the air lately? And is the volume not jacked up when they come on, blasting us from whatever state we’d been lulled into by the regular programming? And what about how the fine print […]

Weeding the fiscal garden

I’ve read the entire text of Proposition 19, the Nov. 2 ballot item that would legalize marijuana in California for those at least 21 years of age, and I say, why not? Let’s start by drawing on the wisdom of Deep Throat, the legendary source who helped two dogged Washington Post reporters break the Watergate […]

Vista councilman’s time has come and gone

If you’re being fried on a hot skillet, wouldn’t you want to jump out of the pan? Not if you’re Frank Lopez, the city councilman from Vista. List him as another politician hanging in against the odds and against the better judgment of almost everyone but himself. Battered from several directions, Lopez says his detractors […]

Wind sprinting to academic excellence

Last I could gather, far from all school administrators in our state had been persuaded that physical education was all that important to the curriculum. Now two recent studies that suggest fit kids are smarter may convince them otherwise. The research could dampen enthusiasm in these austere budgetary times for cutting back on phys ed […]

Disgraced leader’s plight reflects on us

Just when we thought we were safe from ever having to think about him again, Randall C. “Duke” Cunningham has resurfaced. Halfway through his 100-month prison sentence for what prosecutors called crimes “unprecedented for a sitting member of Congress,” the disgraced former member of the U.S. House of Representatives whose 50th District encompassed a large […]

Price of sleek steel stove includes lots of explaining

Now that Labor Day has passed, the electioneering season ratchets up a major notch. Anyone care to join in a weary sigh at the prospect of political opponents taking every opportunity and then some to trade charges of truth-twisting, outright lying, issue avoidance, blatant obfuscation and cynical indifference to the public welfare? How many Bronx […]

Recycling tar balls

To me, the advertising campaign being waged by British Petroleum to rehabilitate its public image is one thing if you’re a Madison Avenue ad agency and quite another if you’re in New Orleans having an inadvertent second thought about the spécialité de la maison at one of the renowned oyster bars there. This wouldn’t have […]

Let’s weight and see …

A search for some good news this week turned up reports that scores of our children are tightening their belts, winning their own battles of the bulge, and for all but a few relatively isolated demographics, in a study of about three-quarters of a million California kids, obesity rates are waning. Some would say the […]

Drum beats in the asphalt jungle

If I had my way, we’d fly over Interstate 5 from Oceanside to La Jolla and back in comfy trains that cruise in silence, levitated, along powerful magnetic fields. For if we are to be spending up to $4.5 billion to avert the gridlock planners predict will seize the freeway by the year 2030, is it […]

Thanks for the Prop. 8 ruling for it does the children good

It looked there for the longest time that to be a good citizen of the California Republic, wholly subscribing to a state constitution that spells out our considerable rights and freedoms, I’d have to abide by the declaration — article 1, section 7.5 — that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid […]