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Opinion: Don’t let them beat us again

By Nadine Scott

The developer of North River Farms, that is not a farm, wants to build 656 homes on fertile, productive farmland.  They beat us at the polls on Measure Y after spending nearly $2Million dollars to defeat our grassroots efforts. We didn’t lose by much but we lost the chance to protect our farmland in S. Morro Hills with that ordinance.

They are at it again. The hearing on this  project is May 22nd at City Council Chambers, 300 N Coast Highway, Oceanside 92054 on the second floor. This is a dense housing project, not a farm.

Please come out and show your support for the farmers in S. Morro Hills, the residents of Oceanside, City staff and the Planning Commissioners and ask that the council members DENY this terrible project.

City staff is recommending against this project as it is not compatible with our General Plan and zoning rules. It also permanently removes over 177 acres of prime farmland that can never be replaced. We can’t eat houses!

The Planning Commission has turned it down 3 times!

That may not mean anything to our new council, 2/5 of whom are appointed by other members of the council and were not elected by the voters.

It’s too dense, too much traffic, does not have adequate evacuation plans in the event of fire, and the promises the developer is making for improvements may never be built, ever. Integral needs to take a hike and leave our precious farmland alone.

Thank you.

Nadine Scott, Oceanside