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The Oceanside Municipal Golf Course is getting a new irrigation system later this year. Photo via Twitter/City of Oceanside
The Oceanside Municipal Golf Course is getting a new irrigation system later this year. Photo via Twitter/City of Oceanside

Oceanside updates golf course’s ‘antiquated’ irrigation system

OCEANSIDE — The city’s golf course is set to receive an approximately $3.6 million new irrigation system by early next year.

Construction on the new irrigation system, which will replace the Oceanside Municipal Golf Course’s outdated setup, is set to begin in December of this year.

“The existing irrigation system is an antiquated system and is in great need of replacement,” said Vicki Gutierrez, the city’s real estate manager, at the Feb. 15 council meeting.

At the same meeting, the City Council approved using $2 million from the city’s golf course fund to reimburse Oceanside Golf, LLC (OGL), the golf course’s contractor management company, for construction costs.

The city first approved a 10-year agreement with OGL in 2010 to operate the city’s golf course. That agreement was later extended to 2025.

The new irrigation system will use advanced technology and allow for remote control monitoring and operations to allow for more precise scheduling of watering and more efficient course maintenance. Gutierrez added that the project would tap into the city’s water recycling project.

“The new system will have a significant impact on reducing the water usage at the course and will save money and conserve water resources,” Gutierrez said.

The $3.6 million estimated budget for the irrigation system improvements, designed by Coates Irrigation Consultants, Inc., includes a contingency for possible changes to the upgrades and unanticipated costs during construction.

The city will pay OGL a 2% project management fee of the total actual construction costs incurred as compensation for coordinating and supervising the project’s construction.

OGL will require prevailing wages to be paid for the project’s construction.

Construction is expected to start in December and will take three months to complete. The golf course will remain open during construction with plans to have between six to 12 holes consistently playable.

The city’s golf course has experienced a consistent increase in revenues over the last few years, with a net income of just over $1 million during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Councilmember Eric Joyce praised the new irrigation system’s plans to conserve more water.

“Water is such an important part of our living here in the desert of North San Diego County,” Joyce said. “I appreciate any efforts to make sure our infrastructure supports lowered use and recycled water.”