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Oceanside begins new year with empty mayor’s seat

OCEANSIDE — Oceanside begins the new year with a vacant mayor’s seat, after former Mayor Jim Wood handed in his resignation due to health reasons effective Jan. 1.

City Council had its first discussion on how to fill the position Jan. 10, with no strong direction from council on the next course of action.

Options are to appoint a mayor or call for an election to fill the mayor’s term, which runs through 2020.

The council has 60 days to decide. Within that timeline there is a Feb. 7 deadline to call for a June election. After that date, a November election can be called.

If a council member is appointed mayor that would leave an empty council seat and the need to appoint or hold an election to fill the then vacant seat.

Unlike the at-large mayor position, the council seat would go to a district vote when the term expires. All candidates running would need to live in the district.

More than a dozen speakers shared their views on how the position of mayor should be filled. An overwhelming number of those who spoke asked to have an election.

Speakers stressed it is an elected position and the voters’ right.

“The cost (of an election) is not the point,” Oceanside resident Lisa Hamilton said. “This is important. Protect the right to elect our mayor.”

Others said the remaining three years of the term is too long a time for an appointed mayor to fill the job.

Individual speakers suggested appointing Councilwoman Esther Sanchez because of her longevity on council, and Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery because of his service as deputy mayor.

Council explored several solutions. Councilman Jerry Kern said he was in favor of an appointment to save the city the cost of an election.

Sanchez suggested going with Wood’s prior written recommendation to appoint City Clerk Zack Beck as mayor. No action was taken to do so.

“He is the only person I would consider appointing to the position,” Sanchez said. “If we do not appoint Zack, I believe we ought to have an election.”

Council gave direction to request more community input. Councilman Jack Feller asked city staff to post a press release on the city webpage to prompt residents to weigh in on whether they prefer an appointment or election. The public notice also encouraged residents to attend the next council meeting and “make their case” if they are interested in being appointed as mayor.

A notice should be posted by Jan. 15.

“We need more than tonight to decide it,” Feller said. “I just want to know whether they (residents) want to appoint or not.”

Council considered implementing a formal application process for mayor candidates, but decided a simple notification is sufficient.

The council will meet Jan. 24, Feb. 7 and Feb. 28. A decision must be reached by Feb. 28. There is also the option of holding a special meeting within the 60-day timeline.


Oceansidevotes January 25, 2018 at 6:41 am

Wow, Peter Weiss. Really? Weiss was leading the trio Kern, Feller and Felien when they stripped the mayor of his powers. Peter Weiss is nicknamed Mr. Teflon in the community ( non stick) he’s the City employee that keeps sliding into another position! Rumor had it by City employees that Weiss was going to slide right in…and they were right. Corruption in full force now led by Lowery, Kern, Feller and Weiss. Mr. Kern states. “due to the brown act we can’t talk among ourselves”
Ha ha..this was pre-planned. Did you see the news. Peter rabbit jumped out of the bushes at City Hall with a suit and tie on
stating, ” I just want to honor the Mayor”! Peter Weiss has NONE of the same values as Mayor Wood. Peter Weiss is working to cement over Oceanside and has all the contracts in his pockets. Pay close attention to the next Council meeting and you will see the corruption unfold – on paper. What an embarrassment for Oceanside. Good news is- we will have NO problem getting rid of Kern & Lowery in November!

5 O'clock Charlie January 20, 2018 at 8:17 am

To KEEP pointing the finder means that it would have been done more than once, and I only mentioned Dennis once after you brought him into the conversation… You continue to lack credibility.

To answer your question, I met residents all over the city of Oceanside who do not support SOAR, not just one specific place.

Story Teller and Spinner? Prove it.

I am apparently worth your time, cause you keep spending time to respond,,, Soooo..

What an odd statement – you probably don’t even live in Oceanside and are working for the developer. Which tells me you are intimidated and concerned by ACTION and Dennis Martinek. HAAA HAAA HAAAA!!!! WHAT???

Another odd statement – They must be doing something right!! – Why must they? Prove It.

KARMA January 19, 2018 at 10:37 pm

Sounds like to me you are having a bit too many, before 5o’clock. You are way off, but I find it interesting that you keep pointing the finger at ACTION and Dennis Martinek. Your fabricated stories and rhetoric are clearly a sign of desparation. SOAR is Simply the best thing that can happen to Oceanside, unless you want to turn Oceanside into Orange County? I would love to know where you claim to have met many residents that do not support SOAR. You are a storyteller and a spinner and not worth my time. Clearly you don’t care about Oceanside, you probably don’t even live in Oceanside and are working for the developer. Which tells me you are intimidated and concerned by ACTION and Dennis Martinek. I will make sure to tell everyone I know, to support SOAR, Dennis Martinek & ACTION! They must be doing something right!!

Marc Rice February 22, 2018 at 10:27 am

KARMA, THANKS for trying to get the truth out! Seems like there’s a lot of misinformation being put out by the opposition. The central point keeps getting distorted. The issue for the voters is this: Should 3 members of the corrupt Oceanside City Council be able to re-zone land in Oceanside? That lends itself to a few local politicians getting bought off by developers and land owners who see only the money they can make and don’t care about the impact it has on the community. After all, once the land is sold and developed, the developers and current owners won’t be around here to live with the consequences. The citizens of Oceanside should get to vote on zoning changes. I’ve seen too many bad changes in zoning already over the past 25 years here.

5 O'clock Charlie January 19, 2018 at 6:43 am

KARMA, there was no reason to be at the last scoping meeting because I knew what was going to be presented and I already know its not supported,, In fact I don’t support it as it stands now. But like the council said at that meeting you are trying to lead everyone to believe was given the go ahead (wrong), they were told to revise and try again. I agree with that course of action. If they bring back something that is more agri and less hood, I would be willing to look at it, but your Anger and Unwillingness to listen or ask common sense questions is why ACTION is on life support.

Dennis Martinek is a gentleman farmer at best, and I am not sure he is even that.. Does he even farm anymore??? Of course he wants SOAR to pass, cause he lives there and does not want development ruining his view or encroaching on his 2.5 acres estate,,, that’s not rocket science from a PHD.

The farmers do not support SOAR, nor does the San Diego Farm Bureau – You know, that well established group of farmers, one of which last I looked was Mraz farms.

You don’t have to support SOAR to oppose development and your one track minded way of thinking is what causes more damage to the city then it helps.

I have met many residents that do not support SOAR and have spoken with farmers about it,, I would suggest you do the same. Otherwise your desperate attempt to smear councilmembers just continues to lessen any effectiveness ACTION might have ever had (long gone). Your approach is that of a school yard bully with outlandish claims, innuendo, personal assertions, libel statements and sour grapes. Good luck with that.

Oceansidevotes January 19, 2018 at 6:43 am

I agree with Karma, seems as though 5 0’clock Charlie, Itzamm and Jessie’s Girl all have ulterior motives.
I have paid close attention over the years and Oceanside has been sold out especially by Deputy Mayor Lowery.
He made campaign promises that were significant to Oceanside’s community that he has broken. Our City and its
residents deserve better. Mayor Wood was dedicated to Oceanside and putting the people first. Deputy Mayor Lowery
even threw Mayor Wood under the bus. I personally worked for Chuck Lowery and his campaign, he is not who we all thought he was. He is a blatant liar and can not be trusted. It will be interesting to watch the three of them – Deputy Mayor Lowery, Kern and Feller scramble next week (at the Council meeting) to try to appoint one of themselves or one of their cronies so they can try to continue to control Oceanside. Good news is, Oceanside is paying attention and Oceansidevotes. Time will tell and the voters will decide.

KARMA January 19, 2018 at 5:22 am

5’0clock charlie you obviously were not at the North River Farms Scoping meetings. Nor have you seen the articles from Coast News and the UT which states NOBODY at the filled room scoping meetings were in favor of the North River Farms development. The neighbors and Farmers were at the meeting and said NO to this development. As did our City Staff, Planning Dept, Planning Commission, and the COMMUNITY. In oceanside 3 Council votes can change ANYTHING!
And clearly 3 Council members (Kern, Lowery and Feller don’t care) and did give the Staff direction to move forward with the EIR and this development. So again stop trying to spin this and say they did not give the direction – Why would we be having these meetings and now paying staff to study what we already know???? Because $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Dennis Martinek (who is a farmer in South Morro Hills and has a PHD in Urban development has been on the City’s Planning Commission for 16 years. He is honest and well respected in our community. He has NO hidden agendas other than to protect our Farm land and open space in Oceanside. Thank God, Mr. Martinek has launched the SOAR Initiative ( The Voters Right’s Initiative To Preserve Open Space and Farmland) Finally the People can vote on Zoning changes and not 3 disregarding GREEDY Council members! SOAR RENEWED in Ventura and Napa counties because it works! People care about their communities and deserve the
right to decide if we want to put high density housing in our ONLY agricultural land. WE don’t want Oceanside to be like Orange County and LA!

Honestly, I have yet to talk to ANYBODY who disagrees with SOAR. You (5 0’oclock charlie) seem to be adamantly against SOAR.
Which raises questions as to who you are working for and what your agenda is? The Farmers support SOAR the ONLY farmers who
do not is Mellano and Negata ( however, they haven’t showed face at any of the scoping meeting where ALL the other farmers have been protesting AGAINST this Reckless and Irresponsible Plans of High Density Housing in our farming community!)
SHAME ON KERN, LOWERY AND FELLER for putting the farmers and our community in this situation. WE wouldn’t be discussing this had our Council members LISTENED to their Constituents. It’s time for a new Council and not life long Council members who become BOUGHT.

5 O'clock Charlie January 18, 2018 at 2:46 pm

Ventura county farmers hated SOAR and found their organization unwilling to work with them on policy.

Through the Measure F campaign and process, our farmer group recognized that we had many allies in sympathetic business groups and unions across the county. These included the Ventura County Economic Development Association (VCEDA), the Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo Chambers of Commerce, the Chamber Alliance, labor representatives of the Tri-County Central Labor Council, the Association of Realtors representing Ventura County Coastal and Conejo/Simi/Moorpark as well as the Lincoln Club and others. In total, Measure F was able to raise over $800,000 with 92% coming from local agricultural companies.

Unquestionably the SOAR Organization outspent us, had the advantage of incumbency, a corps of retired volunteers, and were willing to unfairly characterize local farmers as developers in order to win. For SOAR, the ends justified the means and the demonization of local family farmers was relentless.

The Ventura County Star urged a vote against Measure C stating that they were “distressed to hear the 2050 timeframe was inserted mostly for the benefit of SOAR organizers, because of the difficulty in bringing together the grassroots organization needed to get such measures on the ballot again. That, to us, is a weak justification for such a lengthy extension.” They also urged increased collaboration with farmers to try and achieve a compromise that serves the interests of the local agricultural community.

The Acorn Newspapers, covering Camarillo and East Ventura County, stated that “common sense dictates 34 years is too long for any land-use policy, especially one as rigid as SOAR” and also criticized the lack of farming representation in the SOAR organization. This reinforced their view that some of the policies contained in Measure C are “woefully insufficient to meet the demands of the agricultural industry which wants greater leeway in the handling of their goods.”

The Pacific Coast Business Times issued an outright endorsement of Measure F with a central message that SOAR deprives farmers of the resources they need to plan for their future.
Nobody is stopping Agritourism – Fear Mongering

I never said I think we should change Zoning in Morro Hills. I said that SOAR does not help the farmer and they should not have their land restricted by others who wont have the same restriction put on their property – Alternate Facts diminish your credibility.

In speaking to the Farmers in Morro Hills, it seems SOAR will make it much harder for them to get financing because the perceived value of their property is much lower given the SOAR restrictions. – You NOT being a Farmer probably would not know this type of information.

The San Diego Farm Bureau does NOT support SOAR!

You mention that Mellano and Negata are in the Pockets of the Council. These are two MAJOR local farmers that as far as I can tell, have no intention of selling to large developers anytime soon. So your remarks not only DON’T make any sense, but “could” be considered liable.

Lowery, Kern and Feller told North river Farms Development to move forward with high density housing in South Morro Hills after the community said NO! – This is completely untrue. I was at this meeting and NRF most certainly was NOT given approval to move forward. Alternate Fact!

IF CM Lowery, Kern and Feller have it their way the mobile home parks will go away. It’ not if it’s when! Our Seniors and Veterans living in our Mobile Home Parks deserve to be protected as well. – So tell us how SOAR is going to help them?

Your odd ramblings, weird assumptions, confusing statements and obvious anger filled comments continue to diminish your credibility. At this point, I wouldn’t believe a word you said.

If you want to help the farmers VOTE NO on SOAR and let them farm unrestricted.


KARMA January 17, 2018 at 8:53 pm

Obviously some of you are working for the developer and are deliberately trying to spin things. Let me be very clear so that there’s no confusion: SOAR will protect the entire City’s Parks (NOT MOBILE HOME PARKS) parks like Guajome Regional State Park, Alamosa Park, Mance Buchanon Park, Melba Bishop Rec Center, Libby Lake Park, Martin Luther King jr Park, Luiseno Park. Buddy Todd Park, Buccaneer Beach Park, El Corazon Park, John Landes Skate Park,Lake Park, Spring Creek Park San Luis River Trail .

SOAR protects open space and nature, golf courses, and wildlife corridors, It protects Oceanside’s ONLY agricultural land for future generations. FARMING is essential and paving over this treasure would be a travesty! SOAR was passed and was renewed by the voters in many city’s including Ventura where it renewed at 59% by the VOTERS and renewed by the VOTERS in Napa by 62%!
Studies have shown that in other areas, that passed similar initiatives, have actually had an increase in land and crop values, especially when combined with agritourism. See

I find it incredible that you think you know where I live and own property. I also find it incredible that you think we should change the zoning in South Morro Hills to include High density housing – ONLY to benefit an out-of-town developer (Manchester) and 3 greedy council members ( Feller, Kern and Lowery) even after the Community said NO! WE the taxpayers will be left to foot the bill and impact fees. Just as Villa Storia projects costs the City $1 Million dollars a year – and guess who the developer is? Yep, Manchester and Integral Communities same snake as the North River Farms Development!

Furthermore, SOAR does not put restriction on any property, it protects it as it is period. It ALLOWS the community to decide if we should change the character of our neighborhoods to benefit Developers. And ultimately will leave us the Citizens and Voters of Oceanside to decide if we should make a change to our General Plan and Change Zoning from 2.5 acres per dwelling in our designated open spaces and AG lands to High density housing! High density housing is NOT compatible with agriculture period.

Democracy – A system of government by the PEOPLE! That’s what SOAR will implement. SOAR WILL GIVE THE VOTERS the
RIGHT TO VOTE! Do your own research…and don’t be fooled by glossy mailers and propaganda..visit

KARMA January 17, 2018 at 6:27 am

5 O’clock charlie – I never insinuated it will protect the Mobile home Parks – that’s ridiculous and clearly you are working for the greedy council members and out of town developers..trying to spin what I say in to something entirely different! Pay close attention: SOAR will protect the entire City’s Parks, (NOT MOBILE HOME PARKS!! ) Parks like Guajome Regional State Park, Alamosa Park, Mance Buchanon Park, Luiseno Park, Libby Lake Park, Capistrano Park, Buddy Todd Park,Melba Bishop Park, John Landes Skate Park, Buccaneer Park,El Corazon Park, San Luis Rey River Trail…Soar will protect our Golf courses Arrowood, Oceanside Golf Course, Goat Hill Park,Ocean HIlls Park. It will protect our ONLY agricultural land in South Morro Hills, that has been zoned 2.5 acres for 40 years for a reason! Why do you think the entire City staff City Planning , Chambers of Commerce, and the community said NO to the North River Farms Project? High density housing is not compatible with agricultural and and open space period.

To answer your question which Farmers are in the pockets of our greedy council members (Kern, Feller and Lying Lowery!) that would be Mellano and Negata. And yes, they can sell their properties just as they bought them 2.5 acres per dwelling period. SOAR will not devalue properties. Studies have shown the opposite has happened in areas that have passed similar initatives. An increase in
land values and crop values, especiallly when combined with agritourism. Agritourism enhances the entire community through dollars spent on tours, products, etc.. see :
Plus the Soar Initiative in Ventura RENEWED and was APPROVED AGAIN By THE VOTERS by 59% and in Napa by 62%!
WHY? Because the people see how critical farming and agricultural resources are for future generations!

I find it incredible that you think you know what land I own and where? FYI – Oceanside and all Neighborhoods will ultimately be affected by the North Rivers Farm Development. There is NO infrastructure in South Morro Hills! No Side walks, No Sewers and No Water and let’s not forget about the Traffic Impacts and Impacts to our Safety. So sit back and enjoy the ride because soon Oceanside will be SOARING! Honest residents who care about this community won’t have to worry about out-of-town developers and greedy council members (Kern, Feller and Lying Lowery) that want to pave over every square inch of Oceanside!

5 O'clock Charlie January 16, 2018 at 7:45 am

LOL – First sentence KARMA says SOAR protects our agricultural land and open space, Second sentence – SOAR will protect the entire City – Which is it?????

What I do know is that SOAR will not protect Mobile Home Parks as KARMA insinuates.

Which Farmers are in the pockets of council members? What are they getting for their money? Empty accusations don’t interest me.

I find it incredible that someone who does not own land in Morro Hills and will not be effected by SOAR would have the audacity to make the statement – The Farmers in South Morro Hills can sell their properties just as they bought them, 2.5 Acres per dwelling period. — Didn’t they also buy their property without the SOAR restriction? Hmmmm…

KARMA January 16, 2018 at 6:34 am

SOAR protects our agricultural land and open space from the farmers that are in the pockets of our 3 greedy Council members.
SOAR passed in Ventura (by the voters as it should be). People that are informed and pay attention to Oceanside City politics realize that SOAR will protect the entire City from our greedy Council members (Kern, Feller, Lowery) from disregarding our City Staff, Mayor Wood & CM Sanchez, City Planners, Planning Commission, Chambers of Commerce, Preserve Calavera,, ACTION, and the Community. If you watch the last Council meeting of the 12 speakers – 8 of them were from ACTION! For those of you who never heard of ACTION they led the fight to defeat Prop E and F in 2012. IF CM Lowery, Kern and Feller have it their way the mobile home parks will go away. It’ not if it’s when! Our Seniors and Veterans living in our Mobile Home Parks deserve to be protected as well. SOAR gives the Voters the Right to Vote on changes to open space and and agricultural areas. It preserves Farmland, Parks, and Open Space while maintaining Oceanside’s existing plan. It minimizes sprawl, reduces greenhouse gases, and reduces infrastructure costs and it supports Oceanside;s Agritourism! The Farmers in South Morro Hills can sell their properties just as they bought them , 2.5 Acres per dwelling period.

Itzamm January 15, 2018 at 10:37 am

You’re mistaken, but you’d know that if you stayed involved in between election years. You’re “assuming” instead of obtaining and researching City documents, attending Planning meetings in the years leading up to these projects., or meeting with City staff instead of relying on 3rd party information from people running their own political agendas. You’re arguing (for whatever reason) about other issues when you should be reading the negative land value effects in Ventura Co. and meeting with Nagata and other working farmers who rely on their farms to support their familes, and listening to both sides of any issue. Something any candidate for Council should do in order to make an informed decision.

Jessie's Girl January 15, 2018 at 8:50 am

I’ve lived in Oceanside for 13 years and had never heard of ACTION until last week. I looked them up online and on Facebook to try to get more information, but neither have been updated for years so I have to question how seriously they should be taken … if they should be taken seriously at all. Moving onto SOAR. SOAR is fine for publicly held lands. If the city owns it there’s nothing wrong with the city voting on it. But leaving the fate of privately held property to a public vote is simply OUTRAGEOUS. Our farmers are having a hard enough time as it is and to add to their troubles the way SOAR does is just CRUEL. You can say what you want “Karma” (and I have no doubt that you will) but SOAR, as it applies to ag lands, is a self-serving ploy by a group of people who want to pretend like time stopped the day they got theirs. Talk about GREEDY.

5 O'clock Charlie January 15, 2018 at 8:33 am

It seems to me that Itzamm has provide pretty in depth information that has not really been disputed by KARMA other than a little fear mongering without making any real sense. If I am understanding SOAR properly, it doesn’t really do anything to help the farmer remain a farmer, it simply locks in their ZONING so if they are unable to sustain their farms growing avocado’s, they either have to sell to another farmer looking to try their hand at avocado’s or they have to sell to someone rich enough not to care about farming. I also understand the SOAR initiative in Ventura County has hurt the farmers to the point of having to run their own competing initiative and the larger Morro Hills farmers as well as the SD Farm Bureau are not supportive of SOAR. If the farmers don’t support SOAR we certainly should not, and its not OUR land as SOAR likes to insinuate, its private property that did not have this type of restriction when it was purchased by the OWNERS years ago. I am all for preserving OUR parks and beaches and open space, but I am NOT in favor of hurting someone else’s private property rights. If we are going to make sure Morro Hills cant change their zoning, then why aren’t we doing that with every zoning designation in the city? SOAR wont help with Grandview or a few other questionable projects in town. Then don’t we have State low income housing requirements to deal with? I also don’t necessarily believe ACTION represents 42 neighborhoods,, If so, let’s see a breakdown.

Itzamm January 14, 2018 at 11:22 am

You’re barking up the wrong tree and to the wrong person. Many informed people in Oceanside do their own research, especially those planning to run for office at any level. The city’s website (and other cities’) are full of public documents, news and information contradicting many of your statements. You might try it sometime.

KARMA January 15, 2018 at 6:22 am

I ‘m not barking up the wrong tree and to the wrong person. I call it like I see it. It all makes sense and how I ironic
you are living in Mellano’s mom’s old mobile home. It’s incredible to me that you were so adament about your property rights, as your home sits on someone else’s property! And now you”re against SOAR and spreading misinformation about this initiative! Just as the Park owners spread misinformation and sent out their glossy mailers while we were trying to help our seniors, veterans and families on fixed incomes stay in their homes! (remember the mobile home park owners spent $500k ) and ACTION ( Alliance of Citizens To Improve Oceanside Neighborhoods, OMHA, GSMOL and others..) raised $45k. WE still beat them 2 to 1. Why? Common sense and NOT GREED! The voters in Oceanside are much smarter than you think. SOAR will pass and Oceanside’s agricultural land, farms, open space, the beach, all of our parks ( including Guajome Regional State Park), and golf courses will be protected from our 3 GREEDY Council members Lowery, Kern & Feller! Who completely disregarded our City Staff, City Planning, Planning Commission, Chambers of Commerce, ACTION (representing 42 neighborhoods). Preserve Calavera, and the community! WHY? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Karma January 14, 2018 at 6:23 am

Iizamm – You are misinformed. My property is zoned single family dwelling . Do you think I could go to the Council and tell them I want to tear it down, CHANGE THE ZONING AND BUILD HIGH DENSITY APARTMENTS ON IT! SURE! South Morro Hills has been zoned 2.5 acres per dwelling and has been zoned that way for 40 years! Why ? Many factors. It’s intended for farming BUT if you don’t want to farm on your land, you can sell it the same way you bought it – 2.5 acres per dwelling. It’s next to our river bed where it will flood and with all the brush next to the river it will burn. It’s not if, it’s when! The roads and infrastructure in South Morro Hills will not sustain this development. Lowery, Kern and Feller obviously think their campaign $ are more important then the City’s staff, Planning, and community input and the SAFETY FOR THIS COMMUNITY. It’s interesting though how you, Itzamm – fought for your rent control while your mobile home was sitting on someone else’s private property. You have definitely jumped ship and are contradicting your statements with regards to property rights – Perhaps when you were employed and making up stories for the Blade (Oceanside’s National Enquirer) you are confused as to what is real and what is fake. SOAR is the BEST thing for Oceanside – it will
give the voters the choice to change zoning and general plan amendments and not 3 greedy council members! Lowery, Kern and Feller are even debating appointing the Mayors seat! Why? Because they know Oceanside voters are on to them and it’s highly unlikely any of them would win an election for Mayor or Council!

Itzamm January 13, 2018 at 8:45 pm

Apparently, some of you don’t do your homework. Villa Storia had already been approved by the Diocese, Luiseno Tribe, Historical Society and the majority of mobilehome residents (over 100 letters) before it ever went to the Council. Only 3 or 4 mobilehome residents opposed. People had 4 years or so to oppose it, form a group, buy the land to preserve it before it ever got that far. The City doesn’t have the money to do that every time a property owner wants to sell their land. Even Sanchez was in favor if you read minutes of council workshop meetings; she even proposed a central gathering place. And she too accepted campaign $$ from the Villa Storia principals. If she cared so much why didn’t she spearhead a preservation group in the years before it went to Council instead of grandstanding for votes in an election year?
Ask Nagata, Castellano, Mellano Farms and others if they want their privately owned working farms encumbered by Soar for 20 years or what it would do to their businesses and families. Would you agree to have the same restrictions placed on your homes and businesses? Try getting a bank loan while your land has that kind of restriction placed on it, if farmers could even wait years for a public vote on whether or not to sell their own land. What if they need to sell one acre to pay workers, or buy equipment? Google the negative effects on land values Soar has caused in Ventura County. And the Council didn’t “tell N. River Farms to “move forward.” The proposal was rejected and they were told to come back with a better one. The church selling the land can’t afford to farm it anymore. Why should the church be penalized for trying to sell? That’s what Soar does – it interferes with private property rights. The time to weigh in on planned projects is while they’re going through years before Planning, EIR reports, etc. during public comments. Soar won’t make farming more affordable for another buyer. It will just devalue the land for working farms.

Oceanside January 12, 2018 at 3:15 pm

The City of Oceanside deserves a Mayor that has been elected by the citizens at large. The remainder of the term is three years and to have a June election is only a cost of between 25-75k.

Don’t sell the people short and simply hand over the position by appointment. This decision is too important to be made by just the Council.

Don’t be swayed by election costs. The consultants used for our districting were contracted at 75k and then given 50k more because of a community meeting going longer than expected? Trust me there are many more examples of financial anomolies that get passed without question. The parking garage contract went up 41% in two years to the tune of 3.6 Million.

Itzamm January 11, 2018 at 11:50 am

Nobody complained while Lowery served as interim Mayor during Wood’s medical absence. The people yelling now are former and future candidates for Council office with their own political agenda. If the Council appoints the Deputy Mayor to continue and serve out Mayor Wood’s term of office until 2020, the Council can appoint City Clerk Zack Beck to the 5th Council seat until the November, 2018 District Elections at NO COST to taxpayers. Sanchez says she’ll support Beck’s appointment, right? Sanchez and Kern are already running for Supervisor. The coming District Elections are already shaping up to be a huge drama. Do we really need to spend between $75,000 and $750,000 taxpayer $$$ on an election in between?

Karma January 12, 2018 at 9:22 pm

Obviously you haven’t been paying close attention. People have been complaining since Lowery has been elected.
He made campaign promises when he ran for the 5th time and was finally elected. Lowery promised to support the mobile home
community and voted for Villa Storia. Lowery promised to protect and support our ONLY agricultural land south Morro Hills. He disregarded the City Planning, City Staff, Planning commission, Chambers of Commerce, ACTION ( grass roots organization representing 42 neighborhoods), Preserve Calavera, Mayor Wood and Council member Sanchez. Notice how Mayor Wood didn’t endorse Lowery??? Lowery, Kern and Feller told North river Farms Development to move forward with high density housing in South Morro Hills after the community said NO! Thank God for the SOAR Initiative (Save Open Spaces & Agricultural Resources) because it will give the people of Oceanside the right to vote on Zoning will protect our agricultural land, parks, golf courses and beach from high density development and Council members that don’t keep their promises.

James R January 28, 2018 at 10:47 am

What’s wrong with Villa Astoria? Looks nice.

SOAR is nice and all but all this open land will be developed because people need places to live and they will drive the market up until open land holders sell like they always do. Good luck stopping that.

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