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Dr. Wendell H. Perry of NuPhase Health Solutions is considered a leading expert in acoustic wave therapy. Courtesy photo
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NuPhase Health adds acoustic wave therapy to treat ED, soft-tissue injuries

OCEANSIDE – NuPhase Health Solutions has expanded its medical clinic in Oceanside to include acoustic wave therapy for a noninvasive and medication-free treatment of erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and soft-tissue sports injuries.

During February and March, the medical clinic is offering a $600 discount on the initial series of six treatments for ED and Peyronie’s disease.  The clinic also offers a $100 discount on the initial series of three treatments for musculoskeletal injury, such as plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and muscle strains.

Acoustic wave therapy has been used successfully in Europe for more than 15 years, and positive results have been validated by scientific studies conducted in Europe and the U.S., according to NuPhase.

“These results are consistent with what we see in our patients who have reported improvements in the range of 70 to 80 percent,” Dr. Wendell H. Perry, NuPhase Health medical director said in a release.

“This is in addition to our usual practice of offering a free initial consultation where blood flow is measured, health history is reviewed and all questions are answered,” Perry said.

He has worked for several years with acoustic wave therapy and has a thorough understanding of the medical aspects of ED, Peyronie’s disease and sports injuries. “After a thorough medical exam and consultation, we will stratify you based upon Doppler ultrasound testing and health history before making recommendations,” said Perry.

With age comes blocked arteries, he said.  No matter how healthy your lifestyle may be, arteries are prone to cholesterol and plaque deposits.

In the penis, these deposits build up over years and can inhibit blood flow and cause erectile dysfunction. “Without being too technical, these treatments produce a painless ‘micro trauma’ to the penis, which prompts the body to encourage new blood-vessel growth for healing,” he said.

“The result is increased local circulation, which enhances erectile function. Plaque and cholesterol deposits in existing arteries are also broken up to remove obstructions and provide greater opportunity for blood flow,” Perry stated.“There are few medical conditions for which this very safe, holistic and pain-free therapy would be inadvisable,” Perry went on to state.

NuPhase is the only medical clinic in Northern San Diego County that exclusively focuses on acoustic wave technology. “This is not a side gig for us,” Perry explained, “our clinic, with an all-male staff, is operated by physicians, not businesspeople who bought a franchise.  You can be assured that you are getting the best and most candid medical advice available.”

All patients who are approved for treatment and choose a package will receive a free gift to help them along their journey back to a healthy sex lift.

Appointment can be made online at or call (760) 231-6688.  The medical clinic is at 2420 Vista Way, Ste. 102, Oceanside, at the intersection of Interstate 5 and State Route 78.