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North County’s business bank

ENCINITAS — Opening its first branch in Escondido in 2003, then expanding to Encinitas in 2008, California Community Bank truly knows North San Diego County and what makes it prosper. The Encinitas branch is in The Lumberyard Center at 851 S. Coast Highway 101, Suite 300.
California Community Bank shares North County’s optimistic yet conservative outlook on life and business, and that has kept it strong and stable throughout the recent nationwide economic struggles.
“We are thriving because we have always had a conservative, yet competitive, loan policy,” said Encinitas Senior Vice President Business Banking/Branch Manager Don Taylor. ”Our focus is primarily on working with, supporting and assisting businesses. We work for our customers.”
California Community Bank’s top officers and board members all live throughout San Diego County. The bank has grown in that quiet, solid, community way – through word-of-mouth referrals. Local management results in a better understanding of local community businesses, which helps produce faster decisions.
“By being part of the communities we serve, when we hear someone is ready to change their business bank relationship, we have solutions to offer and we go the extra mile to acquire that relationship,” Taylor said. “We help small businesses grow through judicious loans and by really knowing what that business is all about.”
Changing your business bank doesn’t happen easily, but when it becomes necessary, California Community Bank encourages businesses looking to change banks to consider these points:
— Always research the financial strength of the bank. Look at its financial history over the last several years.
— Find out who will be your day-to-day contact. Be sure you have access to that individual.
— Find out if decisions are made locally rather than in some distant city.
— Is its primary focus on business banking?
— Does its management team know the community in which your business is located?
California Community Bank considers these critical issues and always works to meet those needs with each account.
California Community Bank’s deep familiarity with the communities it serves starts with bank officers like Taylor. When the Bank opened its Encinitas branch, Taylor was selected specifically because of his extensive contacts and in-depth knowledge of the Carlsbad/Encinitas area.
Taylor came to San Diego for college, earning his business degree from San Diego State in 1972, moved to Encinitas, and never left. A strong part of his community, he is treasurer of the Downtown Encinitas Main Street Association, a board member for the San Dieguito Heritage Museum and former president of the Carlsbad Rotary Club. During his years in banking, he has worked with businesses in the manufacturing, service, retail and non-profit arenas. Since opening the Encinitas office, Don has been responsible for providing loans to businesses in Encinitas .
Banking customer Timothy Kennedy, president of North County’s Kennedy Pest Control, Inc., said, “I just wanted to acknowledge the banking relationship I have had with Don over the last 14 years. I am the owner of Kennedy Pest Control and on any number of occasions I have needed a strong ally in the banking world. In a field as competitive as banking, Don’s personal attention to our needs goes above and beyond so many other business relationships I have. I just wanted to let you know I truly appreciate his efforts.”
For more information, call (760) 274-1180. Bank hours are Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.