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Robert Hall is announced as the new RSF Association manager. Hall will begin with the Association early next month. Courtesy photo
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New RSF Association manager announced

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Association board of directors announced at its Feb. 2 monthly board meeting the approval of its new Association manager Robert Hall. According to Board president Fred Wasserman, the effective date of Hall’s employment with the Association will begin on or about March 6.

“Robert is an outstanding candidate,” Wasserman said.

Wasserman shared how the Association reviewed about 150 applicant resumes interested in the position. From there, that number was narrowed down to five candidates who then advanced to further interviews for the selection process.

Hall will be retiring from his position as city manager for the city of Fountain Valley in California.

“Christy Whalen has been the interim manager of the Association and she will be appointed as the Covenant Administrator and Assistant Manager of the Association,” Wasserman said. “The effective date at that point will be the same date as the employment that Robert Hall is effective.”

As for the election of secretary and assistant secretary, Wasserman shared how he was going to table those items for the next monthly board meeting.

“We want to have Mr. Hall on board before he’s elected as Secretary of the Association so it’s really a procedural issue,” he said.

Wasserman went on to say that Whalen is currently the Secretary and would remain in that role until the election at the subsequent March board meeting.

A Covenant member in the audience wanted to know why this motion would be tabled since the bylaws were very explicit in that the Association manger was the Secretary.

Wasserman said the member’s point was well taken and said it was best called a formality.

“I think even though the bylaws state that I think the board should formalize it,” Wasserman said.