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New leaders take their seats on the Association board

RANCHO SANTA FE — The new directors took their place at the table during the Association meeting July 1. Because there were three seats available and only three people ran, there was no mystery about who would end up taking the spots.
After their first meeting, the three told Rancho Santa Fe News their plans and goals for their upcoming three years on the board.
Newly appointed Director Jack Dorsee, a semi-retired sailor, said he plans to stay the course during his time on the board.
“In recent times the Association has been really well-rounded,” he said. “This last group of directors have really done a good job and I would like to carry on their work.”
He said he was approached by the Association and asked if he would like to run.
“I discussed it with my wife and I decided it was time to give something back to the community since we have lived here for 39 years,” he said
As for an agenda of his own, he said he has none.
“My biggest thing would be to have new people come to the Ranch and enjoy the community as much as my family and I have over all these years,” he said.
And thanks to the previous board, it looks like clear sailing ahead.
He said the last group of directors dealt with most of the major projects.
“It does not look for the moment that we will be facing any big serious problems of any kind,” Dorsee said.
Roxanne Foxx is no stranger to politics, having been involved her entire adult life. Active in the community and the Republican Party, her interest in politics can be summed up by Plato, who she apologetically paraphrased. She said Plato’s thought was that the wise man who does not get involved in the affairs of the government is subjected to being governed by the less wise.
She said she believes that everyone should be involved in their community.
“I believe everyone’s voices should be heard,” she said.
Her agenda during her time on the Association will be to continue the good work of the former board in the areas of reforestation of the Ranch, finishing Village Park and helping residents through the process of undergrounding overhead utility lines.
“Telephone poles are hideous,” she said. Additionally she said that power lines are dangerous during high winds and can spark wildfires like the Witch Creek Fire, which came close to consuming the village.
She said she hopes to be named to the committee that studies and promotes the project and help, “usher residents through the process.”
Foxx said she would also like to help oversee the water reclamation program, which could provide water for the golf course and other common areas.
“California’s water shortage is not going away any time soon,” she said.
Foxx has lived in Rancho Santa Fe since 1999 and is the founder and CEO of Hunter International, a San Diego-based firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions of law firms.
Anne Feighner said she has been asked multiple times to run for the Association, but did not have the time.
She decided to go ahead this time around because she wasn’t getting less busy, she said.
“If not now, when?” she asked. “This seemed like a good time to run.
“I love Rancho Santa Fe and I want to give back to our community.”
Her goal during her stay on the Association board is to maintain traditions and land use and to make improvements were they can be made.
Also on her mind during this turbulent economic time is to make sure the Ranch is financially viable in the future.
“I want to make sure we will not have to change our way of life or be forced into making decisions because we did not have good fiscal responsibility,” she said.
She said maintaining the community’s trails are also important to her.
‘I think they should be there for everyone to enjoy,” she said.
She said she has no interest in micro-managing the staff.
“I think Pete Smith and the staff has shown excellent judgment and foresight on how they conduct general business. Our job is to look into the future both in the short term and long term to make decisions that will benefit the Ranch.”