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New foundation aims to beautify Solana Beach

SOLANA BEACH — A group of Solana Beach residents recently combined efforts to organize the Solana Beach Community Foundation, or SBCF, whose sole mission is to support public projects within city limits. The SBCF will start its community support with the renovation of the Community Center located on the bluff overlooking Fletcher Cove.
“Residents will be asked to contribute tax-deductible donations,” said Peter House, one of three founding members along with John Chamberlin and Bryan Pruden, who will be handling the initial outreach.
“This new foundation’s work, and the active participation of many Solana Beach residents, is particularly important during this economic downturn,” Solana Beach Councilman Tom Campbell said. “Especially as our city, like all others in California, is experiencing significant budget constraints. The fact that the foundation is calling on people to direct some of their philanthropy back into their hometown infrastructure is an inspiration.”
According to House, “This is important to all of us as the Community Center is a busy place. Not a day goes by that it is not in use, from adult education classes, to junior lifeguard meetings, to children’s art lessons, to the Civic and Historical Society meetings, and the ever-popular Thursday sing-along. It is a well used and loved facility.”
“The foundation not only wants to generate excitement but they also want residents to identify with ‘Building Community through Building a Community Center,’” said Lesa Heebner, Solana Beach councilmember. “The center has served the community well for many years but is presently in a state of disrepair and is in need of refurbishment to keep it as a functioning facility for our citizens. We are grateful that, just like in the past, members of the community have stepped up to volunteer, design, collect funds, and help renovate the Community Center and its grounds.”
Solana Beach acquired the old Civilian Conservation Corps building just after WWII, which sits at the heart of what was historically known as the center of town. Some 80 years ago, Fletcher Cove was developed into a beach access between the two lagoons. And, according to early photographs, the city’s growth started at Fletcher Cove and moved through the Plaza to Cedros Avenue. The structure has been a favorite place for town events for numerous groups. Many residents fondly remember the center as the “jewel” of public spaces with many marriages taking place overlooking the stunning vantage point.
Anyone wishing to donate to the foundation can contact Peter House at (301) 213-8028. For more information, visit