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The benefits that accompany dental implants are tremendous. People get the confidence of having a smile that feels real and looks natural. Courtesy photo
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Need teeth replaced? Dentures aren’t your only option 

When you lose teeth as an adult, it can be tough to find replacements that feel real.

The comfort and quality of dentures has increased significantly over the past several years, but sometimes, patients are searching for something more. That’s when Dr. Gregory Hurt, DDS, with San Marcos Dental Center recommends looking into implants. 

“Implants and implant retained dentures more closely resemble the feel of real teeth,” Dr. Hurt says. “They are perfect for patients seeking a more comfortable and natural-looking alternative to dentures.”

Dental implants support permanently cemented bridges, meaning the new teeth are directly anchored to attachments in the bone. Patients report higher levels of comfort with implants, finding that they shift much less than traditional dentures. 

“At the San Marcos Dental Center, we work with each patient to educate them on their options and ensure that they receive the dental implant option most suited to their needs and lifestyle,” Dr. Hurt says.  

While some may opt for dentures, Dr. Hurt explains the benefits that accompany dental implants are tremendous.

People get the confidence of having a smile that feels real and looks natural. They also report more stability during eating, healthier bones and gums and even more improved dental hygiene.

Dr. Hurt says that patients do have to take a few extra steps to maintain their implants, but overall, it’s worth it. 

“Whenever we help a patient with implants and implant retained dentures, our team is here to provide them with all the necessary information to keep the implants healthy and in excellent shape,” Dr. Hurt explains.

It’s important to note, however, that dental implants aren’t for everyone. The San Marcos Dental Center Team carefully evaluates each interested patient to make sure that they are a good fit for this denture option. 

“Dental implants are becoming the alternative to dentures, but not everyone is a candidate for implants,” Dr. Hurt explains. “We encourage those interested in this method to schedule a consultation to find out if this is the best option, or if there is another form of care we can help them with.”

So how much do these implants cost? Dr. Hurt says it’s typical for these implants and implant retained dentures to cost a bit more upfront because of their resemblance to real teeth and the process to insert them.

However, Dr. Hurt says implants lead to more savings down the line, since traditional dentures often require consistent adjustment and won’t necessarily strengthen your bones over time. 

“Implants, on the other hand, are a better long-term investment, since they require less maintenance while also increasing the patient’s confidence — that alone is priceless,” Dr. Hurt says. 

Ready to look into implants and implant retained dentures to transform your quality of life?

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