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Natural Living Source launches a revolutionary education program

Did you know the air inside your home is up to10 times more toxic than the air outside?
It’s no wonder ailments like asthma, headaches, insomnia, and mood swings are showing up so intensely. Studies prove that many of our household chemicals contribute to various health related issues; from a simple allergy to cancer!
The good news is – there’s a solution to a harmonious, healthy life for your-self, your community, and our planet! To help facilitate health in your own homes, family environment, and work place, Natural Living Source (NLS) is offering a comprehensive multi-dimensional program that anyone can greatly benefit from. NLS is launching the premiere of the NLS Certified Practitioner Program. NLS Certified Practitioners will learn all the natural lifestyle edu-cation and skills necessary to help others improve their health, and become environmentally and sustainably conscious all while saving money by living naturally. This education includes natural lifestyle, holistic healing modalities, complete sustainability (including organic gardening),environmental awareness, compassionate culture (and relationships),psychological change management skills and habit reform.
This 18-weekcourse prepares you to use the complete NLS Education System. Approximately 80% of the training program will be online as in-home education. The remaining 20%of classes will be in-person interactive experiences, such as gardening, making natural products and environmental assessments.
There are five specific opportunities for graduates of the NLS Certified Practitioner Program.#1Team Leader for a group of employees for an NLS Conscious Corporation client – As a Team Leader, you will be responsible for guiding, motivating, and managing a group through the NLS interactive learning program for individu-als.#2 Offer the NLS Lifestyle Program back to your clientele – If you’re already a business owner; yoga instructor, massage therapist, doctor, or are providing other health services to individual clients, you may integrate the NLS program into your existing business. Offering our online, interactive system will ultimately expand your cur-rent internal possibilities.#3 Sales & Marketing Department opportunities- This mainly consists often listing new NLS Practitioners and registering new Conscious Corporation clients. #4Educator for NLSU (Natural Living Source University) – Teach new students the NLS Practitioner Program. #5 Work for a NLS Accredited Resale Organization – Doctor Offices, hospitals, HOA’s, schools, non-profits and related businesses.
You would work for another company who is utilizing the NLS System and be assigned to supervise a group of their clients, patients or members.
Contact: Alix Deyling, President of Sales & Marketing at:[email protected] – 760.751.2012