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Preparing and protecting your home or business in the event of a natural disaster is a daily reality. Courtesy photo
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National Preparedness Month: Tips to stay prepared, connected when nature strikes

Southern California residents have endured extreme weather incidents such as wildfires and floods in recent years, and experts predict the trend will continue. 

The record rain last winter resulted in an explosion of new vegetation. When the vegetation dries out during warmer summer and early fall months in San Diego, it creates more fuel for wildfires.

Preparing and protecting your home or business in the event of a natural disaster is a daily reality. 

A leader in customer satisfaction in any weather, Cox Communications makes it a top priority to keep customers connected during an emergency such as a wildfire so they can stay informed, check in with family and friends, and even access their Cox video, phone, and internet services while taking temporary shelter away from home during an evacuation.

Wildfires and PSPS

When weather conditions like strong Santa Ana winds create an increased risk for wildfires, the local power company may notify their residential customers, and their business customers like Cox, that they’ll be implementing a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).

In the event of a PSPS, Cox services may be interrupted in a neighborhood where power is shut off. 

Whether a wildfire, flood, or PSPS, Cox works closely with the power company and public safety agencies to monitor the situation and ensure the safety of its network and facilities to keep customers connected. 

While Cox is at the ready in an emergency, here are some ways Cox customers can be prepared for an unexpected event:

Keep a corded landline phone and backup battery

Cox Voice customers should keep a corded landline phone and a fully charged backup battery for phone modems in case of emergency. 

To purchase a battery, call 855-324-7700 or visit your local Cox store.

Download Cox apps before a wildfire or PSPS occur

• Cox app – Check on outages, stay up to date with text alerts, and manage your account.

• Cox Contour app – Cox TV customers can access the latest news and weather and stream shows and movies to their smartphones and tablets. 

Follow @coxcalifornia on Twitter for updates

In the event of a PSPS, wildfire, or natural disaster, Cox will post real-time service outage updates, tips, and other important information on Twitter.

Keep your premises powered

If your home has lost power, a generator allows for limited functions of our services. Check your generator’s owner’s manual for more information on safe operation.

Update your contact information

Make sure you update your preferred contact information with Cox before disaster strikes so you can receive emergency and outage alerts. 

Know about Disaster Relief Protections

As a Cox Voice customer, you could be eligible for disaster relief assistance if a state of emergency declared by the California governor’s office or the president of the United States impacts your voice service. Disaster relief protections include waiver of a one-time activation fee for establishing remote call forwarding, among other protections. Learn more at  

Learn how Cox Homelife functions during an emergency

If your internet connection is not available during an emergency, a cellular backup will be used to ensure your Cox Homelife security system continues to communicate alarms. Cox Homelife security will continue working during an emergency with limited functions.

Visit for more disaster preparedness tips and support.

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