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Middle school robotics becoming more robust

RANCHO SANTA FE — As the school year pushes forward, Rancho Santa Fe School District Superintendent David Jaffe noted some updates and happenings.  Earlier in the month, its Red Envelope Day fundraiser was celebrated, and according to Jaffe, the participation percentage was higher this year than the previous year.

“Our robotics program is beginning its work towards the competitions in spring. We went from nine students at the middle school level to 22 students,” he said. Jaffe added, “So we now have three middle school teams. The elementary program, since its inception, has been pretty strong, but the middle school team is getting stronger.”

Jaffe shared that in the last school year, one of their robotics teams ranked 30th in the nation among all of the high school robotics programs — and they did it as eighth graders.

Also on the calendar are musical and drama performances. On the athletics program roster, Jaffe noted that all the sports are doing very well on campus.

Jaffe pointed out that a great deal goes into the success of their students.

“You have to have really dedicated teachers willing to continue to look for ways to meet students’ needs. You have to have parents that are actively involved and care about their students’ performance and growth and, most importantly, you have to have kids that are excited,” he said. “And that’s one of the great things about Roger Rowe is the kids come to school excited to learn.”