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Griffen Bradds, at his new CrossFit Rebuild in Encinitas, wants to help people "make the second half of life their best half.” Courtesy photo
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Meet Griffen Bradds, owner of new CrossFit Rebuild in Encinitas

Griffen Bradds, the owner of CrossFit Rebuild in Encinitas, wants you to know how CrossFit saved his life.

In his mid-30s as a critical care nurse, Griffen noticed some of his patients were only 10 years older than him! Alarmed, especially when he realized his lifestyle shared many risk factors such as poor diet and no exercise, he set out to make changes.

After trying different workouts, a colleague introduced him to CrossFit. A few minutes into his first class, he knew CrossFit was exactly what he wanted.

A few years later, Griffen and his wife were walking when a driver took a turn too fast and struck them. His wife was knocked unconscious, but he remembered every moment of the accident. Remarkably, he found that the movements he practiced — and sometimes hated — in CrossFit played a crucial role in his ability to avoid a major catastrophe. CrossFit saved his life and allowed him to get back home to his kids faster than expected.

This was the inspiration for CrossFit Rebuild. Griffen realized he wanted to create an affiliate for those who need CrossFit the most – people in their 40s – 70s and older.

“Most gyms focus on the younger athlete. I wanted to bring to the community a dedicated gym for the aging athlete who may have let it all go with fitness and nutrition but wants to make the second half of life their best half.”

Griffen joined the Chamber in August, 2022 to connect with members of the community and market his business. His main goal was to meet other local small business owners, get to know them and see how he could help support their business.

“I’ve been going to the Chamber Member Mixers each month – Coffee Connections is my favorite so far. I met Normandy Solutions who is now helping me with my marketing. A few Chamber members have become clients already, and I’m working with others, leveraging their services to help grow CrossFit Rebuild.”

“Saturdays in Encinitas are my perfect day. My wife and I walk down to Cardiff or Swami’s and meander along, stopping in shops and restaurants until just before dusk and walk back home.”

“I feel very lucky to live in Encinitas and that I was able to find a location here to open a gym. I truly love where I live, and wanted to give back and serve the community that means so much to me.”