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Mayor honored with inaugural ‘Starfish’ award

CARLSBAD — Mayor Claude A. “Bud” Lewis received the inaugural Starfish Leadership Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce’s annual “State of the City” luncheon Aug. 27.
“The award is in recognition of Mayor Lewis’s 40-year career of continuous service to the city and citizens of Carlsbad,” according to Gina McBride, founder of the awards program.
Lewis, a former award-winning teacher and coach at Carlsbad High School, first ran for city council in 1970 at the urging of his Civics students, to bring the election process to life for them. After his surprise win, he served as City Council member until 1986, when he successfully ran for mayor, a position he has held ever since.
Lewis is retiring after serving as Carlsbad’s mayor for 24 years. A longtime advocate for developing and securing adequate water supplies for our region into the future, Lewis also serves as chairman of the San Diego County Water Authority Board and has been a stalwart supporter of the desalination plant being built in Carlsbad by Poseidon Resources.
Beginning in 2010, the Starfish Leadership Awards will be presented each year to honor an adult and a young person (under 18 years of age) who exemplify the spirit evoked in “The Starfish,” the endearing story of “making a difference to just one” made famous by author Loren Eisley in “The Star Thrower.”
In the parable a young boy is throwing one of thousands of starfish stranded on the beach back into the water so it will live. A man walks by and asks him what he is doing with the starfish. When the boy blurts out that he is returning the starfish to the sea so it will live, the man laughs exclaiming that how could he make a difference when there are so many of them. The young boy cradling a starfish in his hand replies “It makes a difference to this one.” The man then scoops up a starfish and together they return two starfish to the sea.
“We will invite individuals, businesses and organizations to nominate an adult or a young person (under 18 years of age) who has shown an extraordinary commitment to champion a worthwhile cause and to inspire, engage and lead others to join in that effort” said McBride. “There are amazing people working in our communities who deserve recognition for their passion and dedication.” The Starfish Advisory Panel of community leaders will review all nominations and grant the awards.
The award is a 10-inch cast bronze sculpture, “Starfish, Joyful in Giving,” created by renowned sculptor Lynn Forbes of Carlsbad. A contribution will also be made to each honoree’s chosen charity.