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Oceanside police officer Karla Williams welcomes Mayor Jim Wood upon his return to City Council after a 133-day absence. Photo by Promise Yee
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Mayor back on the job

OCEANSIDE — Mayor Jim Wood was back behind the dais leading the City Council meeting on Dec. 6 after a 133-day absence.

His return is just two weeks prior to the final deadline to declare his seat vacant, following a 60-day medical leave, additional 60-day legal grace period and an extra 27-day approved absence from office to allow him to recover from a stroke he suffered in May.

Before the meeting city staff and residents welcomed him back. Throughout the meeting speakers who took to the podium added well wishes to the mayor to their comments. Wood presided from a wheelchair and did not speak more than a few words.

During his extended absence Wood missed 10 regular council meetings.

He last attended a special council meeting in October to request the final 27-day leave. At that time his council aide, Debbie Walker-Mikulay, helped him address fellow council members by reading a statement from him.

The council unanimously granted the mayor an extended excused absence through Dec. 20. Council members said the additional days would still allow a June election to be held if the mayor was not able to return to his seat.

The council would also have the option to appoint a mayor, but most thought it would be unlikely for the four council members to agree on an appointment.

Many, including council members, were also concerned the four-person council would have difficulty reaching consensus on city issues. There was one tie vote during the mayor’s leave.

On Dec. 6 city staff said the mayor plans to regularly attend meetings going forward. Staff added the mayor has kept in contact with the city manager and city attorney during his absence and is up to date on city issues.

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Mark Blickstein December 10, 2017 at 11:00 pm

Too bad his year-long absence was enough time for the deputy (acting) mayor and the City attorney to “align their interests” with a few local marijuana growers and devise a scheme to limit dispensaries in Oceanside to just 4 medical-ONLY dispensaries, thereby denying Oceanside the massive tax revenue that dispensaries will bring communities starting in January. Not only is this likely an illegal conspiracy by public officials taking advantage of their office to grant just a few marijuana growers a monopoly on their medical only dispensaries in Oceanside, but it also goes against the wishes of the disabled mayor who requested that the city explore Recreational dispensaries in order to bring tax revenue to Oceanside. Never thought I’d see the day that supposedly pro-business City officials would join forces with marijuana growers to suppress business growth, grant a monopoly to a few growers and add to city budget problems, especially by doing it while the mayor is out on medical leave and rushing it through before the mayor could return.

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