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Marketplace News: TV Talk: Fantasy football, smart searching and the latest video technology

Whether watching “Game of Thrones” with friends, laughing at an animated movie with the family, or relaxing solo with the latest reality series, television should be entertaining and easy to experience. 

Contour, a video service offered by Cox Communications, makes the TV experience easy and fun when searching for something to watch or accessing your program.

Contour’s easy-to-use features include a TV remote control you can talk to, smart search and recommendations that intuitively know what you want to watch, and personalized apps for every member of the household.

Check out these three Contour users as they share their favorite TV  and  viewing experiences.

Tricia Cespin, DVR devotee

When Tricia Cespin relocated to California two years ago, she made sure she moved into a neighborhood with Cox services so that she continued to have access to the latest technology in her home.

Cespin likes to record shows using voice commands with her Contour remote, then watch everything once she can sit down and relax.

“There are so many shows out there, but I love how you can search for a term with Contour’s voice activated remote if you don’t remember the name of the show or channel number.”

Contour’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and smart search are key features for Cespin.

Contour’s DVR offers two terabytes of storage, which can store up to 300 hours of high definition programming or 1,000 hours in standard definition. Equally helpful for Cespin is Contour’s smart search, which allows her to search visually with show or movie poster art by category, network and genre.

Plus, she’s able to find what she’s looking for in seconds simply by typing the first few letters of a network, title, genre or actor on the remote control and get instant search results.

Ricardo Cuevas,
football fan

“I really use the sports app during the NFL season, primarily to keep up with my fantasy football players. While watching a game, I can see on my TV screen who is doing well in other games, and where I stand in the rankings, without having to go online. It’s awesome.”

For Cuevas, the Contour sports app makes keeping up with games and players easy.

With Contour, you can connect to the sports app simultaneously with other programming to get scores and stats without interrupting your current show or movie.

Stella Ford, retired
TV techie

Stella Ford admits to being technologically impaired. But, she says Contour makes it easy to access the latest video technology.

“I am a huge fan of the voice controlled remote because it’s very simple for the senior citizen community,” Ford said. “I remember the days when I would tape off most of the buttons on my remote because it was too difficult to learn them all. Now, I can get to anything anyone else can just by speaking into the remote. I can even find a lot of older movies that I enjoyed watching years ago just by saying the actor’s name.”

For Ford, the Contour voice controlled remote has changed how she watches TV. 

Now, she can change channels, find new shows and classic movies, and get program recommendations without having to learn anything new.

Contour isn’t about watching TV. It’s about the personal experience.

Learn more at, and experience it yourself by visiting a nearby Cox Solutions Store or calling 888-552-4188.