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Marketplace News: Battling the opioid epidemic — the all-natural way

The NAD Treatment Center helps patients recover from addiction. Courtesy photo
The NAD Treatment Center helps patients recover from addiction. Courtesy photo

COAST CITIES — Adam Goodson, a San Diego native, drives from Los Angeles to the NAD Treatment Center, nestled in the heart of Hillcrest, to help patients recover from addiction. He specializes in neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), which unlocks the subconscious patterns and beliefs that trap people in the addiction cycle.

During Goodson’s last visit to the NAD Treatment Center, he gave “Ashley,” a patient at the time, four sessions of NLP. Motivated to start a new chapter in sobriety, Ashley traveled all the way from Alaska, not just to help herself, but to be a better mother for her children waiting back home.

After trying several different rehabilitation and detoxification programs, she said that she never felt as good as she did from the NAD treatment and has had no reason to use again.

“I think the combination of that (NLP) and the NAD takes it to another level,” said Ashley on her ninth day of NAD therapy. “NLP is working with your subconscious and that’s where we keep a lot of our suppressed thoughts.”

For many who are caught in the whirlpool of substance abuse, releasing the shame and guilt of using, let alone facing the symptoms of withdrawal, is like trying to sail in a hurricane. Lightning bolts of physical pain and waves of emotional turmoil come from all directions and there is no light to fight your way out.

Even after the waters have calmed and the wind has died, it’s difficult to navigate how to move forward. For younger opioid users, the storm is all they know. The uncertainty of a fresh start and adopting a new lifestyle is a daunting fear. A weight so heavy on your chest it crushes your insides and physically prevents you from taking a step forward.

The best first step to recovery starts with the innovative approach toward addiction by combining the most effective tools for detoxification and mental health.

Medical Director of the NAD Treatment Center, Phillip Milgram, MD, asserts that NLP, when combined with all-natural NAD therapy, is an effective tool to help break the thought patterns surrounding addiction and to help instill healthier habits.

“The NAD therapy addresses the physical symptoms of addiction by detoxing the patient naturally with minimal side effects and reduced cravings, whereas NLP reassigns meaning and feelings toward opioids, creating a fresh start for the younger generation to rebuild their life free from chemical dependence,” explained Dr. Milgram.

Goodson is a trusted and welcome friend at the NAD Treatment Center. Tom Ingoglia, business director of the NAD Treatment Center, and Goodson started their NLP journey together by training under the same mentors.

They understand that NLP is not the only therapy available to help those confined by their subconscious programming, but they truly believe it is the best option out there.

“Everyone has subconscious behavioral patterns that they often are unaware of,” Goodson said. “NLP can either erase the pattern or install a new one for the benefit of the individual.”

Providing tools to fight the national opioid epidemic is a mission Goodson and the NAD Treatment Center professionals have taken on themselves. Witnessing individuals walk up from a state of survival to a state of thriving is the fuel that these innovators live off of.

To better serve the San Diego community, the NAD Treatment Center is offering $1,000 off when you sign up for the NAD Treatment Center Detox Method TM as a special offer lasting through the end of summer. Please visit for more information, or call 1-844-NAD-PLUS.